Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Important Changes in Memorandum to Prime Minister and Chage of date in Post Card Campaign Sentences!

National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations

   Dear Comrades!

All are requested that some changes have been incorporated in the Memorandum to the Honourable Prime Minister of India and the corrected memorandum has been placed in the website now with the change of date of memorandum as 27.11.2018. Kindly download this memorandum for all purposes.

Secondly, the draft to be written in the Post Card also undergoes a small change of date and the revised sentences in the Post Card will be as follows: All other instructions remain unchanged - KKN Kutty SG NCCPA

Post Card Campaign to Hon’ble Prime Minister:

I solicit the kind attention of the Honourable Prime Minister to the memorandum dated 27.11.2018 submitted by the National Co-ordination Committee of pensioners in which I am a member  on certain pension related issue.  I seek the intervention of the Honourable Prime Minister to ensure settlement thereof. 
_____________________________________ (Signature)
________________________________________ (Name)
______________________ (Pensioner’s of Department)
___________________________________PPO Number

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