Sunday, 18 November 2018

Start Preparations for NCCPA Programme!

AIPRPA Leaders! Please go through the following tasks and respond through Whatsapp or SMS or Email to CHQ immediately:

·         Kindly Start approaching with other Affiliates of NCCPA to plan for successful implementation of NCCPA Programme of Action on 10 Point Charter of Demands.

·       Post Card Campaign to Honourable Prime Minister during the entire month of December 2018. The collected Post Cards shall be sent to the Prime Minister between 1.1.2019 to 15.1.2019.

·         11 Centres all over the country should be the venue for State Wide Dharna. The Centres are: Chandigarh / Ambala (11.12.2018); Lucknow (11.12.2018); Guwahati (11.12.2018); Mumbai (11.12.2018); Bhopal (11.12.2018); Nagpur (12.12.2018); Kolkata (13.12.2018); Jaipur (13.12.2018); Hyderabad (19.12.2018); Chennai (20.12.2018); and Thiruvananthapuram (20.12.2018). AIPRPA State Associations should take all efforts to mobilize our members from all Districts / Divisions to make the Dharna Programme a successful one. The neighbouring States as mentioned in NCCPA Circular should organize their maximum strength to participate in the Dharna in the above Centres.

·         The Secretariat of NCCPA will meet in Delhi during December to finalize the organizational tour of CHQ office bearers in additional centres of States where meetings of Pensioners will take place to explain the Charter of demands.

·         A massive Hunger Fast at New Delhi before the Parliament is to take place on 15.03.2019. All States are requested to organize participants as per the minimum quota fixed by the CHQ in the Circular of CHQ (under issue). Train Reservations may be made immediately to avoid difficulties. 
       Accommodation to stay in Delhi for the comrades arriving in Delhi from distant States is being arranged by the CHQ. - KR GS AIPRPA 

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