Friday 8 March 2019


CHQ Instructions to Delhi Chalo Programme

The following guidelines / instructions are for Comrades reaching Delhi to attend NCCPA Token Fast:

(1)Accommodation at CHUG Dharmsala, Udyan Marg, Near Gol Market CNG Station, Gol Market, New Delhi 1100001. 

(2) 25 Rooms to accommodate 100 comrades with 4 comrades per room + 80 comrades in basement big hall is arranged. 

(3) Comrades stay in rooms are to bring their own lock and keys. It is must for our safety. Bring locks with at least two keys. 

(4) Accommodation reserved for 14th and 15th March 2019. Comrades leaving on 16th should vacate on 16th morning. Those who stay further have to make their own payment in Dharmsala. 

(5) Beds are also arranged in rooms and basement hall.

(6) As it will be mildly cold in nights, all are requested to compulsorily bring their sweater and monkey-cap.

(7) A meeting of Central Managing Committee will be held after 15th March Hunger fast (at NFPE office North Avenue N.D 110001). Available CMC members are requested to attend. 

8) All divisional / district Secretaries as well as State General Secretaries are requesed to SMS to General Secretary in 09444919295 or in Aiprpa CHQ whatsapp about the number of comrades reaching Delhi and the details of their arrival in Delhi. The group leader of the coming groups are requested to contact the General Secretary in 09444919295 for necesary guidance if possible. 

K.Ragavendran. General Secretary

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