Monday, 26 August 2019

Delay in retirement benefits to SC ST

AIPRPA CHQ E-Mails to Chief PMG Tamilnadu on Undue delay in granting retirement benefits in the name of community certificate verification!

 AIPRPA CHQ addresses to Chief PMG with a copy endorsed to Member (Personnel) on ending the agony of SC/ST retired employees in Tamilnadu Circle!

             All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association

No.AIPRPA / CHQ / SC-ST/2019/2  Dated 26.08.2019

The Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Circle
Chennai – 600002


Sub: Speedy follow up action on the Postal Directorate instructions on settlement of retirement benefits to SC/ST retiring officials – regarding.

This Association of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners is constrained to bring to your kind notice that despite the issue of instructions by the Postal Directorate at our taking up the issue for settlement of retirement benefits to retiring SC/ST employees without any delay in the name of verification of Community Certificates, the delay is continuing causing misery to SC/ST employees.

At our taking up the issue with Member (Personnel) an instruction signed by the Sr.DDG (PAF) vide No.26/1/2014-PA(PEA) Dated 26.07.2019 was issued on the subject. There was categorical reiteration that withholding of pension cases of employees on superannuation for alleged pendency of caste verification is inappropriate and that the responsibility lies with the appointing authority to verify at the time of appointment. It was also categorically pointed out that after serving for a specific time no employee can be debarred from his entitlement for terminal benefits and pension. The Directorate had directed that without withholding of pension cases the non-verification of community certificates in time by the authorities may be investigated.

Despite such clear instructions to settle all pending cases of retired SC/ST officials with their pension and retirement benefits, no action seems to have been taken to disburse the retirement claims of retired SC/ST officials in Tamilnadu Circle. The mental and physical agony undergone by the officials who have rendered decades of service to the Department and superannuated or voluntarily retired without any pension or retirement benefits shall be understood by the authorities. This Association would desire immediate disbursement of all retirement dues including pension without any more delay.

We shall be highly grateful if you are kind enough to act with a human touch on this grave issue.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

Copy to: Postal Services Board Member (Personnel) for information.

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