Friday, 21 February 2020

Former Circle Secretary P3 & former State GS AIPRPA Assam comrade B.R.Lahkar breathed his last!

The demise of comrade  B.R.Lahkar is irreparable loss to our movement. A hero of emergency days in our NFPTE movement is no more. His founding of a pensioners movement and his consent to the merger with AIPRPA are legendary decisions. We were together attended Dhanbad Federal Council as Federal Councillors and his role in taking decisions on issues cannot be forgotten by me. Similarly we attended together the NCCPA 3rd All India Conference at Kolkata. I cannot forget my time spent in his house in Guwahati when i went to enquire about his illness. He was fully aware of all developments in our movement but could not speak due to cancer. A life long ardent trade union leader could not articulate was indeed a punishment to all of us. AIPRPA hopes his family will draw strength from nature to overcome deep sorrow. We dip our banner and flag in his fond memories! - K.Ragavendran GS AIPRPA

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