Thursday 20 February 2020

Pre-2006 case by AIPRPA CHQ goes before Division Bench for arguments! 

The Pre-2006 Pensioners case came up for hearing today in Chennai CAT and our Advocate argued the case. The GS AIPRPA was present in CAT to hear the arguments. The previous judgment of Madras High Court in a similar case granting re-fixation of pension based on upgraded scale implemented to serving officers is presented to judge by our Advocate. The Government pleader desired this case be heard by a Division Bench. After hearing both sides, the Judge has taken a stand that he will hear the arguments in a Division Bench with two Judges since the matter of pension is linked with higher pay.  The hearing stands adjourned to a Division Bench hearing on 10.03.2020. Let us go before the Division Bench with our side justified arguments.

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