Sunday 6 December 2020

AIPRPA Issues Press Statement supporting Struggling Peasantry!


Comrades! AIPRPA CHQ has issued a Press Statement supporting the struggle of Peasantry after they lost their valuable lives in the struggle and the Government's delay in settling the issues advanced by the huge struggle. Now there a Bharat Bandh Call on 8th December, 2020. AIPRPA released the following Press Statement expressing total support to the struggling peasantry! - KR GS AIPRPA

 Dated 05th December, 2020


The News Editor

For favour of publication in your esteemed Daily / Electronic Media


The Peasants are the sections of our society that work day and night to feed the entire population of the country. They are always subjugated by nature’s fury; money lender’s usury; vagary of markets; and successive government’s policies at the State and Centre. Despite being the largest chunk of population that determines the formation of governments at all levels, the Peasantry as a class is always at the receiving end of troubles. The suicides of peasantry have reached a crescendo but the Ruling Classes are not in a mood to extend any helping hand to them except some eye wash measures now and then. In this circumstance, the three latest laws enacted by the Central Government are feared to throw the peasantry at the mercy of the Corporate Houses. There are many loop holes in the laws including failure to fix any minimum support price (MSP) to the produce of the peasants.

The peasantry normally a class of calm blamer of the fortunes for their sufferings has been roused by the latest laws to protect their interests. A never heard march had been undertaken by the peasantry by thousands and thousands of peasants towards the national capital New Delhi. Braving many obstacles including the police suppression on the way of peaceful ‘March’ to New Delhi, the peasantry from some northern Indian States have gathered in the Capital and continue with their Dharna agitation. They are demanding repeal of all three laws by the Government. They argue that is the only guarantee that they will be saved from the yolk of Corporates. The peasantry from different other states are supporting the struggle even though they could not undertake a long travel at the time of COVID-19.

The Central Government in its vested interest to enact the laws failed to provide for a democratic discussion with the cross sections of society as well as a meaningful debate in both the floors of the Parliament. Taking advantage of ‘Corona’ the Government along with enacting several anti-labour and anti-people laws included these three laws of peasantry. The behaviour of the Government that had hurriedly enacted these laws usurping the powers of the State that placed the ‘Agriculture’ in the concomitant list of powers between the Centre and States is the main reason for the revolt of the Peasantry.

The five or six rounds of talks between the Central Government and the struggling representatives of the Peasantry have reportedly failed. The Peasant Organizations have called for a ‘Bharat Bandh’ on 8.12.2020 and the call has been supported by a spectrum of political parties and various organizations from different fields. The All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association also joins the supporting team of peasantry and calls upon its own membership to extend full support to the Peasants Struggle and their just demands. It urges the Central Government to heed to the demand of the struggling peasantry and repeal the controversial laws and commence meaningful discussions before taking up the question of enactment of law on this issue. The AIPRPA also expresses its full support to the Bharat Bandh Call on 8th December, 2020 as the life of the peasant is basic and vital to the pensioners also.


General Secretary

All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association

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