Sunday 13 December 2020



The CMC meeting is held under the chairmanship of Comrade T.P.Mishra the Vice President of CHQ. The President Comrade D.K.Rahate could not attend due to technical problem. CHQ Advisor Comrade C.C.Pillai took part in the CMC Meeting and addressed with punctuating speech and guided the meeting. After the initiating address by the General Secretary and the deliberations of the CMC Members, the following important decisions have been taken:
1. The CMC reviewed the decisions taken in the last CMC meeting and noted that the CHQ had taken measures to sort out some urgent issues of the Postal Pensioners by representing to the authorities.
2. The CMC noted that some progress has been made in the demand of counting the induction training period for TBOP/BCR after the struggle launched by the organisation. The CMC desired that the measures to include the period of practical training of 15 days also included in the total induction training period of 90 days continued. The meeting also wanted the CHQ to pursue the other two issues of grant of upgraded scale to Postman/MailGuard with the further elevation of scales to TBOP/BCR officials from 1.1.1996 notionally and to improve the medical facilities of Pensioners including the CGHS and starting of a Medical Insurance Scheme.
3. The CMC congratulated the State Association of Tamilnadu for its great act of raising huge voluntary donations at the call of CMC and many comrades assured that other States also do its maximum in this important task. However it was stressed that the donations are purely voluntary in nature.
4. The CMC was enthused to hear the efforts being taken by the leadership of Uttar Pradesh State AIPRPA to expand the organisation in all Divisions. The General Secretary also pointed out that the decision to form branch associations according to the needs of the State are already permitted by the Constitution of the Association.
5. Kerala State proposed that a suitable resolution in support of the ongoing peasants struggle be adopted in our CMC.
6. The fears of some members as expressed in the State were communicated by the Jharkhand State General Secretary. He was assured that our AIPRPA will always remain a balanced and class-conscious organization and support all just struggles of the working people to ensure mutual support to the pensioners movement.
7. The CMC decided to take maximum efforts to propagate about the WEBINAR on the Pensioners Day on 17.12.2020 and ensure thousand of Pensioners watch the LIVE Telecast of the Webinar in the Face Book on 17.12.2020 from 4 to 6 P.M. It was also decided that all CMC members and State Presidents to take part in the interactive session of Zoom also should be ensured by addressing any technical problems by properly downloading ZOOM.
The Resolution adopted in the CMC Meeting of AIPRPA CHQ in support of the Peasants Struggle.
This Central Managing Committee of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association in its video conference meeting today (13.12.2020) has resolved unanimously to express our support to the ongoing struggle of Indian Peasantry. The meeting notes with concern that the Central Government instead of accepting the demand for repeal of three pro-corporate farmers laws earlier adopted by the Parliament is trying to break the movement by trying to tire out the struggling millions. The farmers on the other hand are showing their increased determination by intensifying the struggle. This CMC Meeting resolves to request the Central Government not to stand on prestige and come forward to repeal the three laws that are afraid to be fully pro-corporate in nature by the vast majority of peasantry and settle the ongoing struggle of crores of peasants in the dead of winter and life-threatening condition. The repeated offer of the Government to make necessary amends in the laws are proof enough to show that the laws are flawed and not to the interests of the millions of peasants. Therefore, this Association urges the Government to act judiciously and identify with the millions of peasants and settle the main demand of the struggling peasants.

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