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  DA/DP Unfreezing and Other Important issues of Employees and Pensioners to be highlighted!

* NCCPA SG Comrade KKN Kutty writes to NCCPA Prasident  NJCA Convenor Comrade S.G.Mishra requesting him to take measures to convene NJCA and take appropriate action.

* NCCPA raises 10 Points for facilitating raising with the Government. 

* The letter of NCCPA is reproduced hereunder:



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SECy. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030)

Dated: 28th March, 2021.


Dear Comrade,


Kindly refer to the telephonic conversation we had yesterday .  As I told you, we are getting frantic calls from our senior comrades over the non payment of DR/DA and other covid related issues.  They are apprehensive of the Government further freezing the DA/DR and ultimately denying the payment of DA itself in future  Given the hollowness of the assurances held out by the bureaucrats on many previous  occasions,  we have reason to believe that the said apprehension is not totally misplaced.  They are of the opinion that a united action programme, howsoever simple it is, must be organised by the working employees and the pensioners together to highlight some of the pressing issues.  The National JCA which we had formed in the wake of the 7th CPC  wage revision, will be the best suited platform for organising such an action.  Fairly almost all Federations of CGEs have representation in that set up .  The Pensioners Associations in the country have all followed the decision of the NJCA.  In the circumstances, it would be appropriate that you may convene a meeting of the NJCA through any virtual platform so that consultation with all concerned could be conducted and appropriate decisions taken.  I give hereunder some of the issues, which we might highlight for immediate resolution for an all out settlement of the earlier charter of demands appears to be a distant possibility. 


1.       Payment of DA/DR to all employees and pensioners with arrears; immediate issuance of the requisite orders.

2.       Implementation of the supreme court decisions considering them as decision  in ram especially in the following cases:

(a)    Notional increment for those who have completed one year piror to retirement I,.e. on 30th June and 31st December.

(b)    To give effect to the MACP scheme from 1.1.2006, which had already been done in the case of armed personnel;

(c)     Any other such decisions of the supreme court, which have already been subjected to discussions at the Standing Committee.

3.       Include the Central Government employees in the priority list of covid vaccination as they are required to discharge official functions even during the period of lock out.

4.       Declare all CGHS dispensaries/Wellness centres, Railways hospitals and dispensaries as vaccination centre where the Central Government will provide the vaccines;

5.       Payment of compensation (not less than 10 lakhs) to all those who died of covid. (The BSNL management has already taken such a decision in the matter)

6.       Provide compassionate appointments to the wards of all CG employees, who died since November, 2019 without adhering to the illogical ceiling of 5%

7.       Evolve a health insurance scheme for all employees and pensioners to cover up all pensioners, who are outside the ambit of CGHS;

8.       Take steps to revive all PSUs which are either closed down or privatised, which are capable of manufacturing vaccine in the background of the acute shortage as also the oxygen units

9.       Provide full wages to all workers who are engaged on daily rated basis even for the days they could not attend office due to covid related reasons.

10.   Any other issues which the meeting might consider important and required to be included 

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


KKN. Kutty,

Secretary General. 


Secretary Staff Side JCM ,NC

President NCCPA and convenor National JCA

13 C Feroze Shaw road,

New Delhi. 110 001. 

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