Wednesday 14 July 2021

DA DR decision by Central Cabinet!

 Central Cabinet today clears 3 instalments of DA/DR! 

3 Frozen DA/DR instalments released by Cabinet without arrears!

The Central Cabinet has cleared the rise of 3 instalments of DA/DR frozen from 1.1.2020. Resultantly, a total of 11% DA/DR will be increased to the existing 17% DA/DR from 1.7.2021. Without arrears for the 18 months (from 1.1.2020 to 30.06.2021) DA/DR will be 28% from this month. 

Decision about the fresh installment of DA/DR due from 1.7.2021 will be taken later. We are to get 28% DA/DR along with our July month Pay / Pension - Family Pension. NDTV is reporting the DA /DR rise! - KR GS AIPRPA

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