Saturday, 24 September 2022

3rd AIC / Annual GB Notice Issued

 3rd All India Conference / Annual GB of AIPRPA

Notice of the 3rd AIC


The 3rd All India Conference / Annual GB will be held at A.K.G.Centre Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) on 13-14, December, 2022 under the presidentship of Comrade D.K.Rahate the CHQ President. The following items of Agenda will be considered there:

1.      Condolences

2.      Adoption of Report by the CMC.

3.      Adoption of Audited Accounts of CHQ for the financial years of 2017-18; 2018-19; 2019-20; 2020-21; and 2021-22.

4.      Adoption of Audited Accounts of Pensioners Post for the financial years of 2017-18; 2018-19; 2019-20; 2020-21; and 2021-22.

5.      Organisational review covering the functioning of AIPRPA CHQ – NCCPA – and TUI(P&R) and the urgent need to expand AIPRPA in all States.

6.      Organisational review covering the functioning of State Associations of AIPRPA.

7.      Review of activities of AIPRPA in building a strong alliance of Pensioners and Workers in Postal Department as well as outside.

8.      Review of AIPRPA role in Postal Strikes and Indian Working Class Strikes in which the NFPE and the Confederation of CG Employees are participants.

9.      Review of Struggles conducted and the role played by the States and Districts / Divisions.

10.  Review of activities of AIPRPA in implementing the calls of TUI (P&R) – Our role in the functioning of TUI (P&R).

11.  Building of a class-conscious broad umbrella organisation of Pensioners and Family Pensioners of Central Government. State Governments, Central & State sponsored Public Sectors etc in India and our role in the task.

12.  Stand of Government on MACP date of effect; MACP to Promotees; Notional Increment to 30th June Retirees; Fixation of pension based on the same pay scales granted to serving employees; Option Number 1 recommended by 7th CPC – Position of Various Court cases- and our task.

13.  Denial of 18 months arrears of Dearness Relief for the period from 1.1.2020 to 30.06.2021 and our role.

14.  Implementation of OMs of DoP on grant of higher scales to MailGuard & Postman / TBOP / BCR Postman & MailGuard; Early Implementation in all places of TBOP and BCR by including the period of induction training for direct recruited PA/SA; Fixation of Pension based on Option Number 3 and its implementation; Refixation of pension to compulsorily retired Pensioners and compassionate allowance drawees etc and our role thereto.

15.  Non settlement of issue arising out of DoP OM on exclusion of Pensioners from allotting Holiday Homes of Postal. 

16.  Inordinate delay in opening of CAT Madurai Bench.

17.  Problems connected with the functioning of CGHS in all respects – Problems experienced after merger of Postal Dispensaries with CGHS.

18.  Inordinate delay in implementing a scheme of Medical Insurance to Pensioners.

19.  Non-issue of ID Cards to Pensioners at free of cost in some States and problems experienced by Pensioners of some states.

20.  Non-restoration of fare concession to senior citizens by Indian Railways and non-grant of senior citizen concessions in fare in transport by various State Governments.

21.  Strengthening of Circulation of Pensioners Post monthly journal of CHQ and its finances.

22.  Financial Review and Quota remittances to CHQ and actin to improve the situation.

23.  Venue of the next AIC in 2025.

24.  Byelaw amendments.

25.  Election of Office Bearers of CHQ for the next term.

26. Appointment of Auditor.

27.  Vote of thanks.


General Secretary



* Total Number of Delegates and Visitors are kept at the limit of 450 as per the desire of the AIC Reception Committee. As per our calculations the Number of Delegates based on the actual remittances received during the three past financial years comes around 200. The Number of Delegates may go up marginally based on remittance checking by the Districts / Divisions. Therefore, the number of visitirs from all over india shall not go above 240-250. Cooperation of all is requested to this task. 

* Details of accommodation - Particulars of Reception Committee arrangements - Open Session / Inaugural Session details etc will be intimated by the Reception Committee to all States / Districts / Divisions. 

* All State General Secretaries and District / Divisional Association Secretaries are directed to communicate their arrival particulars to the Reception Committee General Convenor Comrade V.A.Mohanan [Kerala State GS] in phone No. 9447669180 / 9447321280 either as SMS or in whatsapp or by direct contact. This will help the Reception Committee volunteers to pick up at the Railway Station and to organize taking the delegates / visitors to the venue of accommodation. 

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