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Towards 3rd AIC

Central Managing Committee of AIPRPA

The physical Central Managing Committee of AIPRPA CHQ was held at Coimbatore City of Tamilnadu under the presidentship of CHQ President Comrade D.K.Rahate. Arrangements for stay, catering and meeting were nicely done by the Reception Committee consisting of Coimbatore AIPRPA leaders headed by Comrades T.Subramanian (President); D.Sivaraju (General Convenor); and S.Karunanidhi (Regional Secretary AIPRPA) with dedicated volunteers. The role of Reception Committee including its commitment to pick up all CMC Members from Railway Station and Airport received high appreciation.

Majority of members of AIPRPA CMC attended the CMC despite the pandemic threat and participated lively in the deliberations. The following decisions were taken unanimously in the CMC meeting which paid homage to departed leaders at the outset of the meeting.


1.      The house approved the previous CMC decisions.

2.      The Report to be placed by the CMC before the All-India Conference was finalised with various suggestions of the CMC Members.

3.      It was decided to place the audited accounts of CHQ and the accounts of CHQ journal Pensioners Post for adoption in the AIC along with the Report.

4.      The Agenda and Notice of the AIC was finalized.

5.      The AIC will have a two-day session on 13th and 14th of December, 2022 and half a day of first day will be the inaugural/open session so that the remaining one and a half day will be fully available for the subjects committee discussions. Efforts will be taken to conclude the AIC by 5.00 P.M on 14th December, 2022. The delegate and visitor fee for the AIC will be Rs.1000/-. The decision was that all invitees will present their speeches in the open session itself so that no time of subjects committee is disturbed.

6.      The Delegates to each District / Divisional Association under each State was decided and announced based on both the Life Membership and the average members based on the average quota received during the past three financial years. The unlinked entries in the accounts will be taken into account if the Districts / Divisions come with proof of remittance but based on the quota particulars available with the CHQ it was intimated that the total number of Delegates entitled are 206. The CMC decided on the request of the Reception Committee that the total number of Delegates and Visitors will be limited to 450 with minor up or down of that number.

7.      The earlier decision of the CMC to submit the latest mailing list of the District / Divisional Secretaries with their email IDs and WhatsApp numbers and also the questionnaire on the AIPRPA organization shall be submitted within the next 10 days so that the Report to the AIC is improved accordingly as well as all the Divisional Secretaries are included in the CHQ run WhatsApp groups. It was noted that only three States of Tamilnadu, Jharkhand and Assam have replied to the Questionnaire sent by the CHQ. Other States were requested to submit the same.

8.      The activities of CHQ and the usage of Social Media Platforms by us as well as the functioning of NCCPA and TUI(P&R) were reviewed and decided to place them before the AIC through the Report.

9.      The difficulties posed by the pandemic and the need to get the prior permission of the RNI New Delhi to include the Hindi Pages in the monthly organ “Pensioners Post” were reviewed and decision taken to convert the journal from English into bilingual one after the conference. The CMC further decided to reiterate the earlier decision to compulsorily make all Office Bearers of States and Districts / Divisions as annual subscribers before the current year December.

10.  On implementation of Standing Committee of Parliament recommendations and the need to improve the functioning of CGHS as well as introduce a Medical Insurance Scheme, the CMC decided to place its views before the AIC as well as insist for appropriate programme of Action through NCCPA. The pending state of all court cases as in the AIC Draft Report were recognized by the CMC.

11.  Delhi Organisational Dispute was discussed after the unanimous opinion of the Dispute Resolving Committee consisting of Comrades D.K.Debnath (Assam State GS), B.P.Shastri Ganak (M.P State GS); M.Z.Khan (Jharkhand State GS) headed by the CHQ President Comrade D.K.Rahate. The Annexures as presented by the DRC clearly revealed that Comrade Deepchand was functioning as the State General Secretary of Delhi State for the past years. Therefore the list circulated by Comrade Giriraj Singh by convening a GB without the notice issued by the sitting State GS is not accepted by the CMC as a valid list. The CMC took notice of its earlier decision that no State or District should organize any physical meeting of pensioners during the period of pandemic and therefore the non-convening of any GB by Delhi State is in order only. The CMC also not happy with the non-cooperation of Comrade Giriraj Singh and his rejection to present his views before the DRC appointed by the AIPRPA CMC. However, in the best interest of organization, it was decided that the CHQ will issue notice to conduct a GB / Conference for Delhi State on 22nd November, 2022 and the notice will be issued by the CHQ with sufficient copies handed over to representatives of both the groups for wide circulation. The CMC decided that the Report will be placed by Comrade Deepchand the State General Secretary of Delhi State in the above GB / Conference. Audited Accounts will be presented by the Treasurer Comrade Satprakash in the GB/Conference but it should be the accounts after amalgamation of all receipts and expenses handed by both Comrade Deepchand as the State GS and Comrade Satprakash as the Treasurer of Delhi State. Only three items of agenda as follows will be there for the proposed Delhi State GB/Conference viz., the Report, the Accounts, and the Election of Office Bearers to the ensuing term. All those who are enrolled as members of AIPRPA can attend GB/Conference to be held on 22nd November 2022. The CHQ General Secretary will preside over the GB/Conference and the President will be present. Other Members of the DRC may also present themselves in the GB/Conference. If any side wants a contest for State General Secretary post, the CHQ will ensure that the contest democratically decides it. The endeavour of the CHQ will be to form a united team for Delhi State. The President of AIPRPA CHQ also requested to use his good offices to bring a situation of unity and abiding by the decisions of the CMC in the larger interest of AIPRPA organization. CMC decided to appeal to all to cooperate with the decision of the CMC to bring normalcy in Delhi State and restore smooth functioning with all Postal Pensioners of Delhi State remain united.

12.  Under any other item the issue of Bihar State Conference was taken up for discussion. The CMC noted that the absence of advance intimation and invitation to CHQ about the Bihar State Conference was not in good taste. Moreover, there is no quota from any District / Division of Bihar since for formation of State Steering Committee headed by Comrade Amaresh Thakur as the State General Convenor. However, giving some lenience because of the pandemic etc, the following decisions were taken by the CMC unanimously:

(1) The elected body of Bihar State on 28.08.2022 and communicated by the letter dated 01.09.2022 by Comrade Suresh Sharma with Comrades Baleshwar Upadyaya and Suresh Sharma as President and State General Secretary will be allowed to function as the Adhoc Body of Bihar as the organization in Bihar is very weak; (2) The elected body for Bihar State cannot be taken as a full-fledged state body because of absence of due notice and absence of legal formation of divisions and its recognition by the CHQ; (3) The adhoc body headed by Comrade Baleshwar Upadyay as the President and Comrade Suresh Sharma as the State General Convenor will hold a Bihar State Conference within six months from today with the due information to CHQ and due notice to all Divisions. (4) All efforts will be undertaken by the Adhoc Body to form Divisions in as many Districts / Divisions as possible within 6 months; (5) The newly formed Districts / Divisions should send due quota for 2022-23 and get the due recognition from the CHQ as per constitution / bylaws of the Association; (5) Comrade K.D.Bhagat and his friends who are not satisfied with the conduct of the State Conference without proper notice etc should understand the inherent weakness of the Bihar State Organization and try to unite with the rest and cooperate with the Adhoc Body to run the AIPRPA organization in the state with the aim of building a strong postal pensioners movement.

13.  The CMC ended with the honouring of Reception Committee Members at the end.

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