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Draft Declaration for the National Convention of Pensioners Organisations sponsored by BCPC

AT NAGPUR ON 15-02-2015

BCPC has released the Draft Declaration for consideration of all Organisations

The Declaration as placed in the website of NCCPA is reproduced below for your consumption:

General Secretary - AIPRPA

Bharat Central Pensioners Confederation

13-C, Ferrozshah Road, New Delhi - 110001

S.C.Maheswari                                                                                    S.K.Vyas

        Chairman                                                                               Secretary General

0-9868488199                                                                                  09868244035

                                                                                                                                    January    ,2015

Dear Shri …………..

Hope you are participating in the National Convention of Pensioners being held at Nagpur on 15.2.2015.

2.        Enclosed herewith please find the Draft Declaration which is to be placed in the Convention for adoption. You may kindly consider it and suggest amendments, additions, deletions and /or improvement in this draft. Your suggestion may kindly be sent to Com. D.V. Dhaktod, 63, Dharampet Society, Layout – 3, Deendayal Nagar, Nagpur (and / or to email I.D. You may also kindly inform Com. D.V. Dhaktod (phone No.07122294833) the number of delegates who would be participating from your organization in this convention.

3.        It may be noted that Pensioners Federations/ All India Associations / Coordination Committees all to participate in this convention through their Office bearers and not the branch / Unit Associations.

With warm greetings,


This National Convention of Pensioners Association held at Nagpur on 15th February 2015, adopts the following declaration:-

1.        Notes with grave concern that Pensioners along with workers & employees are continuing to be victims of severe economic offensive of the successive Government that came to power in the country since the new economic policies were ushered in 1991.

2.        Due to increasing resort to casualisation and contracterization in appointments, many such employees on retiring are not being given any pension. High inflation resulting on account of policies of liberalisation, like dismantling Public Distribution Scheme, Forward Trading in 40 essential items etc has also hit pensioners in a big way by introducing the New Pension Scheme and enacting PFRDA Act, 2013 the Social Security in old age has been demolished for those entering service on or after 1.1.2004. The Sixth Central Pay Commission has recommended that merger of D.A. / DR should not take place and has also discarded the principle of equalization of pension / parity in pension between past & future pensioners.

2.        At the General Election for 16th Lok Sabha people at large have handed the Indian National Congress, who led the UPA II regime, the worst ever defeat in its history. Those who came to power i. e. NDA led by BJP have no different approach on policies or governance. But for BJPs support the PFRDA Act, could not have been passed. Through various policy pronouncements, the new Government has made its intensions clear. FDI has been allowed entry in Insurance (49%) Defence (26 to 49%) Raiilway (100%) and in New Pension Scheme. It is very likely that the New Pension Scheme replaces all existing defined benefit dispensations / reduce the pension etc. entitlement for which powers has been vested under provisions of PFRDA Act. The guidelines regulating price of essential and life saving medicines have already been withdrawn resulting in huge increases in price of several medicines etc.

3.        It is in the backdrop of this scenario that the Pensioners should look up for settlement of their demands which have been pending for long. Pensioners have been active participants in the struggles and strike actions of the Indian working class in the last two decades against the new – liberal policies. They have marched to the Parliament on several occasions shoulder to shoulder with working people and more recently on 5.12.2014 to register and demonstrate the emphatic protest and opposition to Governments economic policies, New Pension Scheme / PFRDA Act. While being part of common struggles of the working class, Pensioners will have to chalkout programmes to achieve their following demands:-

  1. That date of effect of Pension Revision by 7th CPC is 1.1.2014.
  2. That Revision of pension is done after each 5 years.
  3. That 7th CPC covers the most exploited segment of civil services viz Casual /      contract workers and the G.D.S.
  4. That Interim Relief @ 25% of their Pension is granted with effect from 1.1.2014.
  5. That the Dearness Relief which stood 100% of pension as on 1.1.2014 is merged with pension.
  6. That full Parity in pension is granted to past pensioners as on 1.1.2014.   (Since same Rank Same Pension has already been extended to Armed forces).
  7. That PFRDA Act may be scrapped and defined benefit statutory Pension Scheme reintroduced for those who entred service on or after 1.1.2014.
  8. That the existing Pensioners Federation /BCPC/ Coordination Committees may be accorded recogniotion and facilities like accommodation for office etc.
  9. That SCOVA may be recognized and functions on the Pattern of JCM and Compulsory Arbitration Scheme.
    Since Central Government Employees have already embarked on a sustained struggle culminating in an indefinite Strike in support of their demands, this convention decides the following programme of Action:

  1. Organise State/District level Conventions to popularise the declaration in the month of March 2015.
  2. Join massive dharnas / rallies being organized by C.G.Es at all state Capitals in the month of March 2015
  3. Organise campaign fortnight through out the country in April 2015
  4. Join employees Mass Rally before Parliament on 28th April 2015.


Yours fraternally,


Secretary General

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