Saturday 1 October 2016

Nakara Day as Pensioners Day as Organ Donation Camp Day!

AIPRPA may organize 
Pensioners' Day & 
Organ donation / Body donation camps on 17.12.2016!  

Organ / Body donation is a move that may save other fellow human beings in dire need of body organs like eyes, kidneys etc. On death of humans, these organs will survive life for certain hours. Removing them will immensely help transplantation of such organs to needy fellow members of our society. Wasting these organs by burning / burying are a total waste. To donate our body and organs in the event of death will be a great feel to us. It requires only our 'mind' to come forward to do the act.
AIPRPA can take a lead in this matter as a token of our love and affection to all other members of human society. Some ground work may be initiated by our State / District Associations now itself to prepare a 'Camp of Body / Organs Donations' along with the celebration of 'Pensioners Day' on 17.12.2016.

We always remember with great respect the legal fight for establishing the right to pension by D.S.Nakara and the historic judgment held out in his case by Justice Chandrachud on 17th December, 1972! We should also highlight the initiative of 'Inasu' of Kerala recently in following the case upto Supreme Court to win full pension for less than 33 years service pensioners too!

Hence plan to organize a Special Seminar or gathering of our pensioners with a special guest speaker on "Liberalization impacting Social Security - much needed counter moves".  Along with the Semibar, pl also organize a 'Camp for body / organs donation" by officially inviting representatives of Government Hospitals to accept and register such donations.  The Hospital authorities will give guidance to all of us including family members as to what should be done by us. It is suggested that the Camp on 17.12.2016 should include the spouses of pensioners and other family members if possible.

Please issue circulars in local languages - highlight 17th December - Fix the Special Guest Speaker now itself - highlight Donation Camp of Body / Organs" - Approach Government Hospital Authorities in advance to fix with them and collecting necessary applications in advance - Take a leading part with enthusiasm - Send your opinions, initiatives to CHQ.

K.Ragavendran GS AIPRPA

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