Wednesday 27 September 2017

CHQ Calls upon to an all India Programme of Action

AIPRPA CHQ Calls for Programme of Action: 

Organize for Local Demonstration between 5th and 10th October!

Mobilize statewide for mass Dharna in front of GM Finance or DAP or CPMG office on 11.10.2017!

Dear comrades / colleagues,

The task of refixation of pension to all Pre-2016 pensioners and family pensioners is veryy. The present arrangements are totally inadequate to complete the implementation of 12.05.2017 orders to more than 3,00,000 postal pensioners and family pensioners. 

The Directorate's order to complete the work before 30.09.2017 will remain only in paper. By any pragmatic estimate, at the current speed and arrangements, it will take more than six months to accomplish the work. 

CHQ has written to DOP to make effective arrangements by even drawing expert retired AAOs, AOs, APM Accounts staff to form implementation cells at all levels to hasten the refixation work. It seems there is reluctance in many places to invite retired staff. Alternatively implementation cells with more regular staff also not formed. 

Under the situation, as per decision of 2nd AIC, let us organise a Programme of Action on this issue and also for demanding settlement of correct fixation to pre-2006 pensioners; early merger of Postal Dispensaries with CGHS; Medical insurance cards to Pensioners; and immediate family pension sanction to spouse of deceased pensioners within one month of death.

Programme of action:

1. Organize demonstrations at the convenience of Districts / Divisions on any date between 5th and 10th October in front of HPOs or Divisional Offices. 

2. Mobilize postal pensioners in huge number on 11.10.2017 in a massive Dharna in front of either GM Finance office / or DAP office/ or CPMG office at the convenience of respective State Association. Pensioners from all over the state be mobilised in this programme. 

All are requested to plan effectively for successful implementation. 


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