Thursday, 28 September 2017

Let us go to streets and Struggle for justice!

Pensioners Programmes in October & November 2017

1) 1.10.2017: Observe 'International Day of Fight for Pensioners' at the call of TUI P&R. NCCPA & AIPRPA CHQ endorsed the call. Unite with other affiliates if NCCPA and observe. In Tamilnadu observe along with Pensioners associations under 'State COC of Central, State Government and Public Sector Pensioners Associations.

2) 5.10.2017 to 10.10.2017: Hold Demonstrations in front of HPOs or Divisional Offices for Postal Pensioners Demands including early implementation of 12.05.2017 orders for refixation of pension to Pre-2016 pensioners.

3) Hold state level Dharna in front of office of GM Finance or DAP or CPMG as per convenience for the above demands.

4) Join NCCPA Dharna at Jantar Mantar New Delhi on 25.10.2017 for CG Pensioners issues including for Option Number 1. Bring pensioners as per quota allotted to each circle already.

5) Three days Dharna at New Delhi by Central Trade Unions and independent Federations including Confederation from 8-10 November. Join on 9.11.2017 by mobilising greater number of pensioners from Delhi and adjoining States.

6) Organize maximum strength - Attend with commitment - Bring your banners and flags - Issue Notices and Circulars - Hold GB meetings to enlighten members and organising them.

7) Kindly don't forget sending reports with photos to CHQ by email etc.


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