Thursday 20 December 2018

NCCPA Dharna at  Chennai Centre! 

At the call of NCCPA, the CG Pensioners including AIPRPA, AIBDPA, ITPF etc thronged the venue of Dharna in Chennai today on 20.12.2018. They came from several districts of the State including from the capital Chennai. Comrade S.Santhanaraman President NCCPA presided the meeting. Comrade K.Ragavendran Dy.SG NCCPA & GS AIPRPA inaugurated. Leaders N.L.Sridharan (President Pensioners COC); C.K.Narasimhan (CS AIBDPA); M.Kannaiyan (State President AIPRPA); K.Govindarajan (AGS AIBDPA); M.L.Perumal (State GS IPTF); G.C.Narasimhan (Circle Secretary Chennai AIBDPA); V.Muthukumar (Karnataka Pensioners Movement); and others addressed. In the afternoon session comrades M.Duraipandian (State GS Confederation); M.S.Venkatesan (State GS ITEF); R.B.Suresh (NFPE State COC Secretary) and many others addressed.  More than 600 Pensioners attended the Dharna to emphasis the NCCPA's 10 point charter:

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