Thursday, 31 January 2019

8.2.2019 Programme of Demonstration - Organize well!

DOP issues clarifications!

But 8.2.2019 Programme Go Ahead!!

The following clarifications released by Directorate today on 31.01.2019 answering all doubts as to whether arrears to be paid from 10.10.1997 and whether Pensioners to be paid after or before clearance by DPA  is welcome. Now the Circle and lower authorities need not have any doubts. The work of calculations and refitment of pay and payment of arrears to serving postmen and mail guards as well as processing the cases through DPA for Pensioners of these cadres shall be expedited. However, our programme on 8.2.2019 stands good as we now insist for formation of a cell in DPA for quickly processing the calculations of pensioners. If no such action is taken, this work will drag on for more than a year! In addition the work of granting the benefited of induction training for TBOP/BCR benefits to retired is to be speeded up. Hence carry forward the programme of demonstration on 8.2.2019! - KR GS AIPRPA

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