Wednesday 24 July 2019

Justice only if you fight!

Justice won through Court of law! But justice is still not in sight for GDS!

Congratulations to NFPE Unions on getting Government Recognition as 1st Unions!

Congratulations to all unions and associations of NFPE, FNPO and BPEF who won recognition as 1st or 2nd status!

Despite the verification conducted years ago, the NDA Government as a political move refused to grant recognition as perCCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 to winning Unions and Associations. This was a calculated move to favour its own preferred unions.

The Honourable Madras High Court intervened at the litigation of NFPE SBCO Association of Tamilnadu Circle. Only on the orders of Court, the Government relented and issued orders recognising eligible unions.

Here also, the cunningness of Government is visible. Earlier the stand of government was that such recognition will be valid for 5 years from date of issue of orders. But this time the order is dated currently but effect is given from 2015! Intention is to once again create problems as the next verification will be around the corner!

More over, the GDS unions are left out. May be it was under different set of Rules of ED (RA) Rules, 1995. But GDS being a big section and in fact outnumber regular employees, recognition to GDS unions under verification is more important. But, the Government takes shelter under technical grounds! May be a court case and another intervention may be needed for this Government to act on this matter!

Let us congratulate all unions and Associations won the recognition based on membership verification!

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