Tuesday 9 July 2019

Pre-2006 Important order - But the struggle is not over!

Pre-2006 Pensioners in 6500-10500 scale or in equivalant scales prior to 5th CPC will get refixation of pension as per concordan!e table with GP 4600!
Pension Ministry order as under:
The Pension Ministry has released an order on 9th July, 2019 granting refixation of pension based on Grade Pay 4600 to those Pensioners of Pre-2006 in 6500-10500 scale or in the equivalanet scale of pay prior to that.
According to this order, all Pre-2006 HSG-1 Pensioners will get their pension refixed by giving the advantage of higher grade pay of 4600/- as per the concordance table annexed in that order.
This order does not solve our entire problem of Pre-2006 Pensioners including the HSG-1. The order only grants the advantage of Grade Pay 4600 and not the upgraded scales of pay if any granted to any post or cadre from which the Pre-2006 Pensioners had retired. Anyway, the order dated 9.7.2019 grants the refixation based on GP 4600/- to HSG-1 Postmasters retired prior to 1.1.2006:
The order is as follows: (If the order is not clear and anyone desires a original copy may visit the pensioners ministry website in www.doppw.gov.in and download a copy) 

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