Sunday 14 July 2019

NCCPA goes ahead to fight to win Option 1

NCCPA Circular on Court Cases!

All Affiliates requested to remit share immediately!

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New Delhi. 110 001.

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SECY. GENERAL:          COM.K.K.N.KUTTY. (98110 483030

Dated:  12th July, 2019.

Kindly refer to the discussions and decisions we had taken at the NCCPA NE meeting on the last occasion.  We were to file cases before the Principal Bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi on the following issues:

On Option No 1.
MACP to be given effect to 1.01. 2006.

As per the advice of CGPA Kerala, we were to engage Shri Kaleeswaram Raj as our lawyer in the first case.  In the second one, we were to await the decision of the Government for some more time.  Shri Kaleeswaran Raj had indicated a consolidated sum of Rs.  2 lakhs of which we were to make the payment of Rs. 1 lakh on the day the case was to be handed over to him with vakalatnama. We had decided to collect funds for this purpose.  The CHQ had been asked to fix quota of funds for the affiliates and the COC.  We had written to all the affiliates and the CGPAs to intimate us of their membership to enable us to finalise the due statement as also to fix quota of funds for litigation purpose.  We are yet to receive reply to our communication from almost al affiliates and CGPA. 

Without having the facility of the membership of the respective organsiations,  we now give hereunder the amount to be remitted by each affiliate and COCs

AIPRPA Rs.30,000
AIBDPA Rs. 30,000
ITPF Rs. 15,000
All India Audit & Accts. Pensioners Assn. Rs. 10,000
Cofees Board and autonomous orgn.  Rs. 10,000
CGPA  Kerala Rs. 20,000
CGPA  West Bengal Rs. 20,000
CGPA  Hyderabad Rs. 15,000
CGPA  Nagpur Rs. 10,000
CGPA Rajasthan Rs.   5,000
All  other affiliates and COCs. Rs. 2000 each.
The fund allocation will be reviewed on receipt of the membership details  As and when we receive the  amount  from the affiliates and CGPAs, the case wil be filed after contacting the lawyers, Shri Kaleeswaram Raj. 

In the case of MACP, the matter came up for discussion at the 47th meting of the National Council, JCM.  The Cabinet Secretary said that the Supreme Court judgements would be made applicable for all similarly placed personnel.  The meeting was held on 13th April, 2019.  We received the draft minutes in May, 2019.  The above observation of the Chairman had been omitted   We took up the matter with the Govt.  Now the final minutes have been issued.   But they have incorporated the following two words to the observation of the Chairman.  i.e. “Judgements, which are relevant and possible”.  We have again written a letter to the Govt.  to further amend the minutes.  In the meantime, the staff side has again written to the Secretary Personnel to implement the judgements of the supreme court in the cases of all similarly placed personnel. We are not going to make an indefinite wait on the Government in this matter. Our decision was to collect the application from the individual pensioners along with Rs. 1000.   No steps seems to have taken by the affiliates and the State CoC.   Once the money received, we shall be able to file the case before the tribunal. 

We await for your response,

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary General.

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