Thursday 30 January 2020

Again drawal of Pension & Pay by HPOs from January 2020!

The Department has reversed its stand and from January 2020 once again status quo ante position is restored. The Pay to serving employ and Pension to pensioners will be drawn in respective SB accounts by the HPOs themselves. DPAs are not going to draw as was introduced recently.

This is indeed appears to be due to the problems faced by employees, pensioners and DPAs. Earlier the Department was telling that once this new system has been introduced, we cannot revert back to old system on the face of problems! But practice has taught some lessons and old decentralised pattern is considered as better to centralised drawal at DPAs. We welcome this change of mind.

However, a problem is brought to our notice. As in the case of employees, there is no facility to draw off-cycle payment to pensioners. Therefore the pensioners who submit their life certificate during middle of a month will be able to get their pension credited only on the last working day of that month. This means the pensioners submitting their life certificates late will also get their pension at the end of the month only. This is because there is no facility to grant off-cycle pension payment in the software.

The CHQ AIPRPA is addressing this issue to Secretary DoP.

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