Monday 27 January 2020

Pensioners Post 5th Birth Day! 

Pensioners Post born on January 2016 has just entered in its 5th year! Yes, the January 2020 issue stands despatched to all subscribers. The articles on 'State of Pension in Spain'; the article by High Court Advocate Arun; Struggle against Pension reforms in France; Urgency to go on another round of struggles by Postal Pensioners are among the important items. The pictures of arrests on picketing in Tamilnadu and demonstrations under the call of NCCPA on 7.1.2020 adorn the cover pages. Front wrapper depicts the danger posed by Government policies to pension!

Once again subscribers are requested that issue will be sent only up to that month as per calculations under new rate of subscription for 2020. Hence urgently all are requested to remit till December 2020 @ 200/- per year. Subscribers can call editor (9444919295) and find out the exact amount to be remitted for the period up to December 2020! Cooperation of all is extremely requested in strengthening the CHQ monthly journal - KR GS AIPRPA

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