Sunday, 9 August 2020


Central Managing Committee AIPRPA met today! (9.8.2020)

The Central Managing Committee of AIPRPA CHQ has met today at 11.00 a.m under the president ship of CHQ President comrade D.K.Rahate.

Comrade M.Krishnan our Executive Member and ex-SG Confederation also took part. CHQ Advisor comrade C.C.Pillai telephoned during the meeting that he could not connect due to technical hitch. Many CHQ office bearers and State General Secretaries as well as two special invitees from H.P and Tripura participated. A good discussion occurred followed by the presentation of General Secretary comrade K.Ragavendran.

It is noted that our senior citizens should learn to use technology as for next one year or so we may not be able to function in traditional methods.

Following decisions emerged:

1) It is observed that email campaign called by NCCPA and AIPRPA were effectively implemented.

2) It is noted that necessary follow up action on all decisions including CGHS related are carried out and being followed up.

3) It is decided that the next CMC will be exclusively for organisational purpose. State wise organisational position including membership and number of Divisions etc will be reviewed.

4) MACP Promotees case though successful in Ernakulam CAT has failed in Kerala High Court. Instead of immediately going to SLP, we will wait for the outcome of full bench decision headed by Delhi Principal CAT Chairman at Chennai  before next step.

5) Other Court cases including DA/DP freeze; MACP date of effect; Option 1; and 30th June increment issue will be discussed in next NCCPA Executive Video Conference in last week. Favourable judgment in Hyderabad CAT by AP comrades on 30th June increment has also been taken note of.

6) Developments on media report on intended "Financial Emergency" will be closely followed and we will act along with United Trade Union Movement and Confederation.

7) It is noted that Directorate acted in favour on HSG-1 issue after our email campaign. Further pressure on DoP will be planned through CHQ letters on postal pensioners issues. NFPE and P4 CHQ also to be requested to put pressure on DoP on Postman higher scale order implementation from 1.1.96 and on counting Induction Training period for TBOP/BCR.

8) Pensioners Post journal could not be printed from April onwards due to absence of workers in Press and suspension of railway traffic throughout India. March issue printed but binding work not over in Press. Efforts will be made to release the journals during September month after easing of lock down in Chennai.


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