Sunday 6 June 2021

Do Not get confused with DA/DR Media Rumours

 DA/DR Media News!


As 1.7.2021 the crucial date is nearing and the meeting of JCM National Council is convened on 26.06.2021, the Media started their usual propaganda. Rumours are plenty in the social media that it will be 28% from 1.7.2021 including the 11% accrued during the intervening period of freezing ordered for 18 months. But, no official OM or acceptance to pay DA/DR as on 1.7.2021 has been announced by the Central Government and no Cabinet approval has come so far to restore the DA/DR leave alone the arrears of DA/DR taken away under orders. 

Please wait till any decision from Government and meanwhile intensify our email campaign to Prime Minister of India and to Cabinet Secretary if your email to Prime Minister is returned undelivered.

Intensify our struggle and let us wait for Central Government's move - KR GS AIPRPA.

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