Sunday 19 September 2021

Fight along with Postal Federations and Unions!


Stand with the Service Unions! It is a common fight!


The Department of Posts and the DOPT are trying to extend the rules of Sports Associations to our Federations and Unions / Associations! Heavy restrictions are being imposed on the Government Servants to get elected to their unions /associations from the Divisional level to the Federation level. The restriction is on grant of Foreign Service too.

The latest OM of DoP purportedly released with the concurrence of the DOPT through OM F.No.18-01/2017-SR Dated 15.09.2021 is a clear attack on trade union rights. The OM is bringing new restrictions and attacks which were not at all contemplated by the CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993.

NFPE Federal Executive has come out with militant steps to oppose the move of the DoP. FNPO is also likely to join in the opposition. AIPRPA CHQ Calls upon our entirety of organization and the membership to consider that the present attack on the Federations / Unions will destroy democracy in the Postal Industry and will adversely affect the Pensioners Movement. All prevailing Pensioners rights can be easily attacked once the Employees organizations are destroyed.

Unite with the Service Unions! Unite with the Federations! Extend total support to them. Be a part of any of their programmes launched to defeat the designs of the Department and the Government that is behind the curtains! – KR GS AIPRPA

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