Saturday, 11 September 2021

Observe World Pensioners Day on 1.10.2021 with high mobilization!


Remember the TUI Call!

Observe ‘World Elders Day’ on 1.10.2021!

Highlight ‘Decent Life for Pensioners’ issue!

Dear Comrades!

The NCCPA will shortly issue the call to observe ‘World Elders Day’ and highlight the issue of ‘Decent Life to Pensioners’. All NCCPA affiliates and other Pensioners Associations are to be approached in order to bring the Pensioners on a single platform on 1st October.

Remember! It is our responsibility to observe the call in a befitting manner! Please talk to all Pensioners Organizations from now on wards. Taking the COVID-19 situation into consideration, organize all methods of mobilization.

Prepare the Digital Banners specially for this purpose. Keep the banners and flags of our organization prominently in the programme. Take the photograph and send them to CHQ for onward transmission to Trade Union International (Pensioners & Retirees)!

The preparations this year 1st October, 2021 shall exceed all observance of past years!


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