Friday 5 November 2021

Poatal employees are under attack! Stand with them!

 9.11.2021 Full Day Dharna by NFPE Unions all over India! 

AIPRPA requests all Units to support the struggle of Employees!

At the call of NFPE and All India Unions, the Postal Employees and GDS are staging their next programme of action on 9.11.2021. We know that the retrograde OM issued by DoP on 15.09.2021 against many trade union rights is temporarily withdrawn. But the services and employees are under serious threat of attack by a moribund scheme of another privatization in the name of DAK MITRA. There are many other vital issues too. 

The pensioners should forge a strong bond with serving employees by standing with them at the time of their struggles.

AIPRPA CHQ reminds all States and Districts / Divisions to show maximum unity on 9.11.2021. Go with your banners and flags. Go in large numbers. Make the programmes successful. - KR GS AIPRPA

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