Sunday, 5 April 2015



T.Janardhan Debnath newly elected State General Convenor of Tripura AIPRPA

Postal & RMS Pensioners attending the Special Convention in Agarthala

Newly elected Chariam of Tripura State Steering Committee Comrade Sunil Das

NE Circle P3 President and Agarthala Divisional Secretary Comrade Tapas Kumar Nath addressing

General Secretary K.Ragavendran delivering the special address in the Seminar

A view of participating Pensioners.

A Special Convention of Postal & RMS Pensioners was organised today at 4.00 P.M under the presidium of Comrades Indrajit Aine and M.Shome by the former All India Steering Committee Member Comrade T,Janardhan Debnath. 

The Convention was attended by many senior pensioners from Agarthala Division, Dharmanagar Division and R.K.Pur District. In accordance with the earlier directions, Comrade Debnath had taken measures to organise Divisional and District AIPRPA in the above three areas, which are already functioning as AIPRPA branches. 

This meeting was addressed by Comrades Sunil Das the Divisional Secretary of AIPRPA Agarthala, Comrade Janardhan Debnath former All India Steering Committee member, Comrade M.Shome and Comrade Indrajit Aine. The Circle President and Agarthala Divisional Secretary of AIPEU Group C Union Comrade Tapas Kumar Nath addressed the Convention and assured total support in building the AIPRPA in the State. 

General Secretary K.Ragavendran elaborately spoke on the needs of stronger organisation for the Postal & RMS Pensioners as well as the strengthening of Pensioners Movement against the currect dangers and attacks on social security and pension. 

The meeting has decided to organise a regular State Conference to democratically elect a State AIPRPA within three months. It was also decided that for facilitating maximum enrollment of pensioners as members as well as to organise the State Conference, a State Steering Committee should be necessary. Accordingly the Tripura State Steering Committee with the following Comrades were unanimously approved by the Special Convention. 

Chairman: Sunil Das
Vice Chairman: 1. M.Shome
                          2. Indrajit Aine
General Convenor: T.Janardhan Debnath
Treasurer: Krishna Deb
Organising Secretaries:

1. Sudhindra Bhattacharya
2.Arun Bhattacharya
3. Ratan Bhattacharya
4. Nirmal Suklabaidya

The AIPRPA CHQ congratulates all the above comrades for undertaking the responsibility to build a stronger AIPRPA for Tripura. 

General Secretary

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