Friday, 20 January 2017

GDS Committee (Kamlesh Chandra Committee) Report released at last!

After much agitations and exerting pressures, the Department of Posts released the GDS Committee Report. Ostensibly it had taken the permission from the Election Commission to do so. Actually there was no need to go the Election Commission if this had been done a few days back. The usual practice of release of Report immediately on its submission by the Chairman was dispensed with this time giving room for speculation about the reasons. Ultimately, the Report is released after a series of agitations by the Federations and GDS Unions. The following are my immediate comments as full Report is not yet studied. 
Now the Report on the face of it not retrograde as like the Report of the 7th CPC headed by a Justice. See the irony! We have opposed a Committee headed by a retired Officer and demanded for either a Judicial Committee or to be referred to 7th CPC itself. After seeing the recommendations of 7th CPC, which is grossly retrograde, it was felt that what is the meaning in demanding a Judicial Commission when Pay Commission headed by a Justice had rendered injustice!
Earlier, we had hints that Kamlesh Chandra will submit a better report with good recommendations. His favourable recommendation on Bonus Ceiling Parity raised some hopes about the GDS Committee Report. He himself had given us to understand that even though his report will not be a Justice Talwar Report, but definitely a good report. Our hopes are not belied. The GDS Committee Report as an Officer headed Committee has given out better recommendations on many issues. In short, the GDS Committee Report is better than 7th CPC's Report!
Same fitment factor and same date of effect of 1.1.2016 as like the regular CG Employees (except that the new enhanced 4 and 5 hour wages will come into effect prospectively) ; The annual increments at 3%; Gratuity enhancement; Leave entitlement including Maternity, Paternal leave and accumulation of leave facility; increase in working hours to a minimum of 4 Hours; amalgamating all existing GDS into only three categories; Career Progression at 12,24,36 years; One year service as GDS only for appearing in MTS/Postman/Mailguard exams; Abolishing Point System for BPMs; Introduction of Children Education Allowance; Grant of many other Allowances to GDS; Enhancement in Group Insurance Scheme; 10% Additional hike for increased revenue generation; Easy loans to Tablet / Mobile; Better Transfer facility to Male GDS and any number of transfer facility to women GDS; Liberalised compassionate appointments etc are some of the green areas to be welcomed.
Of course on the question of Pension we cannot expect much because the regular employees themselves are placed under NPS; We cannot expect recommendation for departmentalization but even there the Committee seems to have recommended that the GDS service is not extra but an integral part of the postal services. The Committee strongly suggested that legitimate aspirations should not be guillotined.
Not bad! Not at all a bad Report! There are areas for improvement, and naturally the AIPEU GDS(NFPE) and the NFPE will take steps to fetch those improvements. But basically one cannot brandish the Report as a classical officer report as like the past! This is my immediate reaction. - KR GS AIPRPA

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