Tuesday, 3 January 2017

On Pension Payment!

Acute problems in drawing pension!
Currency crunch turning from bad to worse!
CHQ emails to Chief PMG Tamilnadu on Tamilnadu conditions!

The Chief PMG
Tamilnadu Circle.

This Association is constrained to seek your kind attention for causing action to render relief to Pensioners on the matter of pension payment. The problem is very acute and pensioners are forced to go to post offices on different days to draw their pension in instalments. In districts like Vellore, Erode etc the problems are severe and protest demonstrations are taking place.  We suggest the following for your consideration:
1. Linking Head Post Offices directly with RBI as like Banks for getting increased quota of currencies daily; and
2. In the interregnum approaching Head of office of SBI for extra allotment of cash by taking into consideration that every HPO is to supply for it's own SOs. At present we are afraid that HPOs are treated as one of the branches only.

In short we submit that the pensioners who are senior citizens are to be given relief both physically and mentally.

Thanking you Sir,
Yours faithfully,
K Ragavendran
General Secretary

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