Saturday, 16 July 2022

Postal JCA is on Action! Extend our total solidarity!

 AIPRPA CMC on its independent Programme to support PJCA Strike!

The solidarity action by the AIPRPA to the Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO and its affiliated Unions on the issue of Strike is on 10.8.2022 (Wednesday). The Date of Strike is changed to 10th August in order to facilitate the convenience of all Federations. Already AIPRPA has expressed its total support to all activities by them.
Notwithstanding, the CMC has decided for a separate programme of half day dharna. That date is now modified as on 08.08.2022 (Monday) by the Pensioners. This Dharna shall be organized in front of prominent Postal Administrative office or HPO at all District / Divisional level in the country. AIPRPA will try to hold the programme by organizing other sister pensioners associations. The Pensioners of Postal are fully with the struggling employees against privatization!
If there is no Postal Department then there is no strong Pensioners Association!
If the Employees under Postal JCA are agitating against the moves of privatization, the Pensioners cannot be mere spectators!
Join the work force! Join the Programme of protest! Show our independent solidarity on 8th August! Organize the Dharna with full strength! Talk to other Pensioners Associations in NCCPA and outside and enlist their support too! Organise with our flags and banners to show the Government that the Pensioners are not sections to watch silently the moves of the Govt to blind privatization!

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