Friday 8 July 2022

Full support to defend Postal!

 NFPE & Postal Unions on struggle path! 

Extend total solidarity! 

Comrades! NFPE Federation and all its affiliated unions and associate member organizations are serving a strike notice on the DoP on 11.07.2022! 11th July is our revolutionary spirited day and it is most apt to serve the notice of strike on that day. The strike is our last weapon to force an understanding on the DoP that privatization of postal services and wholesale transfer of POSB to IPPB are moves of suicide. We understand that Dak Mitra is part of the drive to privatize all sectors under the Union Govt but the move is fully foolish and it is our task to point out the grave danger in the path travelled by government. 

AIPRPA should not only extend its solidarity and support but stand shoulder to shoulder with the employees in their hour of life and death struggle. It is our basic task to stand with them in the battle for their important issues including for scrapping the NPS that proved a dangerous scheme even after 18 years of its introduction. 

The point that this strike on 4th August is only the beginning and there will be greater form of struggles if the blind path is not reversed by the DoP and Union Government. AIPRPA CHQ calls upon for such solidarity that will reflect our full strength. Our support is for 4th Aug strike! Our support is for all programmes launched by Federation or Unions! Go with our flags and banner of AIPRPA! Let the Govt understand that the pensioners will not be silent spectators while the more than 100 years old department is being butchered - KR GS AIPRPA

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