Thursday, 18 August 2022



13-14 December, 2022


Kerala State

Comrades! Please note that the third All India Conference of AIPRPA will be held at the capital city of Kerala State "Thiruvananthapuram" on 13-14 December, 2022. Agenda and Notice will be finalised by the ensuing CMC at Coimbatore. Be ready to book your reservation up and down to Thiruvananthapuram as per delegates allotted by CMC and visitors as determined by your State. 

The number of entitlement of Delegates for each District / Division will be based on the average quota received by the CHQ from them during the past three financial years of 2019-20; 2020-21, 2021-22. The number of delegates will be announced by the CMC meeting to be held at Coimbatore (TN) on 15-16 Sep, 2022. 

As the Reception Committee desires to keep the number of visitors also within a number, the CMC will fix the number of Delegates and Visitors. All States/ Districts / Divisions are requested to complete their Conferences / AGMs before the AIC and elect the number of delegates as determined by the CMC. The Districts / Divisions are requested to verify their accounts of remittances of quota to CHQ and they are free to contact the CHQ regarding this. 

AIPRPA is the pan-Indian Pensioners Association of Postal Pensioners. Many advances of us are registered only after the birth of AIPRPA. Make our AIC a grand success! Make it a grand Democratic organisation by adhering to Democratic norms! Remember that AIPRPA is an organization for all Postal & RMS Pensioners and Family Pensioners irrespective of their past history and irrespective of their past cadres. 

AIPRPA Zindabad! 

3rd AIC Zibdabad! 


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