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6-7, NOVEMBER, 2015

The 3rd TRIENNIAL AIC of NCCPA was held in Kolkata from 6th to 7th November, 2015. Comrade R.L.Bhattacharjee Chairman NCCPA presided over the AIC. 200 Delegates and Observers from all over the countryrepresenting 25 affiliates, in addition to West Bengal Pensioners, have attended the AIC. The AIC had a spectacular start with an impressive procession by the Pensioners. At the end of the procession the National Flag was hoisted by senior leader of P&T Trade Union movement Comrade Sisir Bhattacharya and the NCCPA flag was hoisted by the Chairman NCCPA Comrade RLB. The homage to the Martyrs Column was impressive with the former Finance Minister of West Bengal Government Comrmade Asim Dasgupta paying floral tributes that was followed by all other leaders and Delegates and Observers. Before the formal inauguration cultural folk songs were sung by the Kolkata CG Employees. 

The inaugural session was impressive with a galaxy of leaders decorating the  dais and addressing the AIC. Comrade Asim Dasgupta former FM delivered the inaugural address. The inaugral session was addressed by Comrades KKN.Kutty (Chairman Confederation of CG Employees); Piyush (State General Secretary of West Bengal State Committee of Confederation); VAN.Namboodiri (Patron NCCPA); Subroto Majumdar (WB State COC of CGPA Association); Aparesh Bhattachargee (Bank Pensioners Association); Himadri Roy (LIC Pensioners Association); Subhendu Mukherjee (Railway Pensioners Association); and others. 

The Subjects Committee was also presided over by Comrade RLB. The House paid homage to all departed leaders and dignitaries from different walks of life. The Report of the Secretary General was placed for adoption by the Secretary General Comrade Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborty. In the debate that followed in the afternoon of the day and on the forenoon of the second day of the AIC various Office Bearers of NCCPA, Chief Executives of Affiliated All India Associations including AIPRPA and State and District CGPA organisations and Delegates belonging to various organisations including AIPRPA have too part. With the summing up of the discussion by the Secretary General Comrade Pavitra, the Report of the Secretary General and the Audited accounts have been adopted. 

Various Resolutions including on Policy and Programme that declared the solidarity support to the 19th November Central Government Employees programme; Affiliation to the international pensioners organisation called the TUI-Pensioners & Retired; Opposition to escalating price rise; Against the communalism; Observing the 13th February of each year as the Memorial Day of Comrade S.K.Vyas; Demanding implementation of Court judgments to all similarly placed without dragging all to courts for unnecessary legal battle were some of the important resolutions adopted by the House. 

The debate brought home that formation of Departmental wise All India Pensioners Associations for bigger departments will result in strengthening of NCCPA in all States. The AIC paid maximum concentration to the efforts of building a stronger NCCPA as well building a strong united platform of all CG Pensioners organisations to meet out the situation arising out of the submission of recommendations by the 7th CPC shortly. 

The open session was the concluding session in which Comrade Basudev Acharya former M.P who always fought for our cause both inside and outside the parliament addressed elaborately on the type of attacks let loose on the workers and pensioners. The Open Session was also addressed by Comrade KKN.Kutty and also by Comrade Sujatha Saha the Councillor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. 

The AIC elected the following list of Office Bearers & Patrons unanimously:


1. Com.VAN.Namboodiri
2. Com.R.L.Bhattacharyaa

Chairman:Com.Shiv Gopal Mishra (JCM Staff Side Secretary)
Wkg.Chairman: Com.S.S.Roy (West Bengal)
Vice Chairman: 1) Com. C.L.Mathur (Rajasthan)
                            2) Com. D.V.Dhaktod (Maharashtra)
                            3) Com. H.N.Joshi (M.P)
                            4) Com.T.S.Parameswaran (Kerala)
                            5) Com.S.Rahman (Assam)
Secretary General: Com.KKN.Kutty
Dy.Secretary General: 1) Com.Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborty (WB)
                                       2) Com.K.Ragavendran (AIPRPA GS)
Assistant Secy General: 1) K.G.Jayaraj (AIBDPA GS)
                                         2) Prabakaran Nair (Telengana)
                                         3) S.K.Sharma (Rajasthan)
                                         4) C.P.Shobana (Kerala)
                                         5) I.S.Dabas (Delhi)
Treasurer: Com.H.L.Sidhu (Haryana)
Asst.TRR: Com. S.Laha (WB)
Organising Secretary: 1) M.A.Karlekar (Maharashtra)
                                       2) T.I.Sudhakaran (Kerala)
                                       3) N.Somaiah (Telengana)
                                       4) Geetha Goshal (WB)
                                       5) K.P.Sharma (Rajasthan)\
                                       6) G.R.Verma (U.P)

Internal Auditor: Com.A.K.Ghosh (WB)

The AIC concluded with the singing of International Song of Working Class by the Cultural Troup and all Delegates. 

The AIC of NCCPA has instilled a resolve in all participating organisations to improve the strength of all and to develop NCCPA as a much larger Pensioners Organisation in the future by tireless organisational efforts as well as fighting for the just issues of Pensioners. 

Some of the photographs of the AIC are placed hereunder:

General Secretary

Procession at the start of the AIC

Delegates attending the AIC
Com.KKN addressing the inaugural Session

Flag Hoisting

Chairman NCCPA hoisting NCCPA Flag
Com.Asim Dasgupta Former Finance Minister WB Government floral tribute to Martyrs Column
Cultural Songs
Com.Asim Dasgupta Former FM West Bengal Government inaugurating the Session
Senior leader Sisir Bhattacharyaa hoisting National Flag

Com.Piyush State GS of Confederation WB State Committee

Com.VAN.Namboodiri Patron NCCPA


Com.Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborty SG NCCPA

Dais during the inaugural session

Erode (TN) Delegate placing a Resolution

Com.T.I.Sudhakaran Kerala CGPA GS

Com.S.S.Roy newly elected Working President NCCPA

Com.N.C.Pillai Delegate Kerala AIPRPA addressing

Com.Nawal Kishore Delegate Jharkhand AIPRPA addressing

Com.C.P.Shobana Delegate Kerala AIPRPA addressing

Com.H.N.Joshi M.P.CGPA addressing

Com.D.V.Dhaktod leader of Nagpur CGPA addressing
Chairman RLB addressing the AIC

SG NCCPA Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborty summing up the debate 

Delegates in the Open Session
Com.KKN.Kutty after  his election as SG NCCPA addressing open session

Com.Basudev Acharya on dais in open session

Com.Basudev Acharya Ex-M.P addressing the open session

Com.Sujatha Saha Councillor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation addressing open session

A view of Com.Basudev Acharya on dais

Com.Y.Nagabhushanam Delegate from Andhra AIPRPA addressing 

Com.KR General Secretary AIPRPA addressing 

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