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Dated: 20th November, 2015


Dear Comrade,


            The 7th CPC submitted its report to the Government yesterday at about 7.30 PM.  The report in full text was available on the website of the Commission immediately thereafter.  We have gone through the report.   What is given hereunder is the product of the cursory glance.  We must study the report to understand its full implications and meet in our organizational forum to decide upon our future course of action.   In the meantime, we must also look to the reaction of the serving employee's organizations as the most important demand i.e. minimum wage has been virtually rejected by distorting the formula itself.  Since every other recommendation of the Commission is based upon the minimum wage, a revision thereof will have a cascading impact. We give hereunder a brief resume of the recommendations.  It must however be admitted that the most important demand of the Pensioners Associations, i.e. to bring about complete parity between the present and past pensioners has been acceded to a great extent.  There are quire number of ifs and buts in the recommendation.  That must be sorted out by united efforts by all of us.   In our memorandum to the Commission, we have put forth many other legitimate grievances and its redressals.  None of these demands have been found acceptable to the Commission.  Even in respect of medical facilities, the recommendations are disappointing. We hope fervently that the National Joint Council of Action of the organizations participating in the JCM will not take this onslaught lying down and will react.  We must support their action programmes to the best of our ability. 

            We are planning for a meeting of the newly elected office bearers to be held in the next month.  We would request all our comrades to read the report and suggest to us the revisions needed so that we can forward the same to the NJCA for inclusion in their charter of demands pertaining to the 7th CPC recommendations.

            I express my gratitude and sincere thanks for the leaders and delegates of the NCCPA who attended the last Conference at Kolkata for reposing confidence in me and electing me as the Secretary General.  No pensioner will be able to say that he is physically fully fit and that is true with me also.  I assure you that I shall strive my best to function as the Secretary General of this great organization, which has been nurtured and brought to this stage by the great comrades like Com. S.K. Vyas. Our Endeavour must be to bring the NCCPA as a strong and united organizations in which all Pensioners Association could be proud to be member affiliate.

            With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General.


  7th CPC recommendations:

The worst ever by any Pay Commission so far. Only 14.29% increase and that too

After ten years.

The NJC A leaders are meeting  at Delhi

Today to chalk out further course of Action.


Recommendations at a glance.

1.Date of Effect: 1.1.2016.  Our demand was 1.1.2015 and wage revision after every five years.

2.    Minimum pay Rs. 18,000 against our demand for Rs. 26,000 for MTS.  Dr.Aykroyd formula mutilated.

3.  Fitment formula has been recommended to be 2.57 time. This 18,000/7000. Since our Minimum wage calculation was 26,000 our fitment formula was 3.7 time.

4.   On promotion: Fixation: old FR 22©  i.e. one increment in the feeder cadre and fixation at the next higher stage.

5.   Pay band and Grade pay system abolished. Open ended pay scale.  Or Pay matrix.  Existing Grades maintained.  No delayering  resorted to.

6.   Increase in the pay is only. 14.28% i.e. 7000 as on 1.1.2016 with 125% DA would be 15,750. Which has been revised to 18,000. That works out to 14.28.

7.  Annual increment rate is the same old percentage of 3.

8.  Ratio between minimum and maximum salary: 18000=25000: 1:14 and 18000=225000: 1:12.5 Even the 6th CPC had recommended only 1: 11.4 as the ratio.

9.  Allowances: 52 allowances removed including risk and cashier/cash handling  allowance family planning etc.

10HRA. Classification of cities and towns maintained.  JCM demand rejected.  Allowance rate has been reduced to 24,16 and 8 from the present rate of 30, 20 and 10.

11.DA: No change in the formula.

12.Transport allowance:  Made into three slabs as under:


Pay Level

Higher Transport Allowance cities (A, AI)

Other places

9 and above

7200 + DA

3600 + DA

3 to 8

3600 + DA

1800 + DA

1 and 2

1350 + DA

900 + DA



13. Modified assured career progression:  Demand for hierarchical promotion accepted.  Will continue to be three after every 10 years.MACP  will only be on the basis of very good bench mark.  Failure ko get required bench MarK for promotion within the first 20 years of service will result in stoppage of increment. Their service Such employees who have out lived their ability, their services need not be continued and the continuance of such persons in the service should be discouraged.

14. Anomaly between promote and direct recruitees removed.

15. New Pension scheme will continue.  Some improvements  are suggested.  Nothing tangible.

16.Leave:  Casual and Earned leave: No change. The demand for higher accumulation of leave is also rejected.  

17. Child care leave.  No Change in the quantum.  However, the leave for the second year will have only 80% salary.

18. Maternity and Paternity leave: No revision is conceded

19. Medical Insurance scheme is again recommended.

20. LTC: No change. Only for those in NE region, Ladakh, Andaman, and Lakshadweep, split claim is allowed.

21. No decennial wage revision.  Every year the wages may be reviewed as is the case in UK.

22. Bonus to be replaced by performance related pay.

23. New pension scheme to continue.  Certain suggestions have been made for its improvement.  But nothing tangible.

24.CEA and hostel subsidy.  The procedure has been simplified.  The amount is Rs. 2250 for CEA and 6750 for hostel subsidy ceiling. With increase as and when the DA crosses certain stipulated mark.

25.Group Insurnace scheme revised.  Level 1 to 5: 1500. 15 lakhs, Level 6 to9 2500 and 25 lakhs,  above 10 is 5000 and 50 lakhs.

26. In the matter of the GDS the most exploited segment of the working Central Govt. employees, the commission has gone out of the way to state that they are outside the purview of the Civil Service and should continue to be so. 



Pension Benefits:  Parity between the past and present pensioners recommended.  The formula is almost identical to the one suggested by the 5th CPC.  The pay of the past pensioners will be first fixed at the minimum of the pay (7thCPC) of the post from which they retired increased by the increment for each year of service in that grade.


2. Minimum pension Rs.9000

3. Gratuity ceiling raised to Rs. 20 lakhs

4. Postal dispensaries to be merged with CGHS.  No discrimination between postal and other pensioners.

5.Recognised hospitals of CCS(MA) Rules to be recognized by CGHS also.

6. FMA. No change.

7. No other demand has been accepted by the CPC. No reduction in the residency period of commutation.



















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