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Assam & North Eastern States will now 

Move Ahead with formation of 


The Joint Circle Conference of Assam and North East NFPE Circle Unions that met at Agarthala (Tripura) was attended by GS AIPRPA also and during that Joint Conference the RCC (Regional Coordination Committee) of NFPE Unions of Assam and NE Circles has met in which the General Secretary AIPRPA had appealed for formation of AIPRPA in all those States. The RCC had at that point of time also decided to discuss in the Joint Circle Conference and accordingly the matter was placed before the Conference. The Joint Conference decided in its Policy & Programme Resolution that AIPRPA will be formed in all North Eastern States and Assam.

The matter was being pursued by the RCC and in the background of existence of Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners organisation in Assam Circle and in some Districts, the issue was discussed thoroughly to sort out the modus operandi of merger of such Associations with AIPRPA.

Now, in the recent meeting of Regional Coordinating Committee all Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions as well as Leaders of various Pensioners Organisations viz., Comrades B.R.Lakhar (Circle Secretary Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association, Assam & Ex-Circle Secretary of P3 Assam & Ex-Circle Secretary of R3 Assam); S.Rahman (Vice President NCCPA & Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association, Assam & Ex-Circle Secretary R3 Assam); Diljan Ali (Divisional Secretary Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association of Guwahati & Ex-Circle Secretary R4 Assam) & Abdul Rahman (Ex-Circle Secretary R4 Assam) have participated.

In this important meeting the following decisions have been taken:

1.AIPRPA will be formed in Circle level and in all Divisions as per the decisions of NFPE Hyderabad Federal Council and Joint Circle Conference of Assam & NE CIrcles held at Agarthala.
2. Present Pensioners Association at the Circle level and at the Divisional level will be merged and converted into "AIPRPA" and in all Districts / Divisions where there is no Pensioners Association at present, AIPRPA will be formed.
3. This formation of AIPRPA shall be completed before the end of February, 2016.
4.The existing Assam Circle Adhoc Committee of Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association will be renamed or reorganised into "All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association" [AIPRPA] in a State level convention in the month of March, 2016 at Guwahati.
5. All the Circle Unions and Divisional Unions shall take serious effort and cooperate in the formation of AIPRPA in all Divisions.
The Resolution unanimously adopted in the above meeting of Circle Unions and Pensioners Leaders is placed hereunder for the information of all comrades.

The Aiprpa Chq welcomes this decision of all NFPE Circle Unions under the Regional Coordination Committee of Postal Employees Unions and all the leaders of Pensioners Associations. The Aiprpa Chq also congratulates all leaders of Postal, RMS & MMS Pensioners Association in Guwahati Division and Assam Circle for taking such a historic decision to merge with the AIPRPA which is being founded as an All India Monolithic Organisation of Postal & RMS Pensioners Association. This unity decision will go a long way in strengthening the AIPRPA as well as NCCPA in which AIPRPA is playing its due role. In fact this decision is a morale booster to our efforts for expanding the AIPRPA in all States.

Congratulations to all Circle Secretaries!
Congratulations to all Leaders of Pensioners Associations!
General Secretary AIPRPA

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