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Tamilnadu AIPRPA 2nd Conference a great success!

2nd State Conference of AIPRPA Tamilnadu State

Resolves to build a stronger Postal & RMS Pensioners Organisation

Decides to build stronger ties with CG and Postal Trade Unions and stand together in all the struggles

The 2nd State Conference of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association Tamilnadu State was held in Coimbatore City from 19th to 20th December, 2015. The Conference hall in Sri Durga Mahal was named after the late lamented leader Comrade S.K.Vyas. Comrade M.Kannaiyan State President presided over the Conference.

The Reception Committee headed by its Chairman Comrade P.R.Natarajan (Ex-Member of Parliament) and Comrade S.Karunanidhi (General Secretary) had made excellent arrangements for the State Conference and a band of volunteers from AIPRPA District Committee and NFPE P4 and GDS Coimbatore Divisional organizations made the conference very successful with their dedicated involvement.

The Conference commenced with the flag hoisting function with the national flag hoisted by our Patron of the State Association Comrade A.G.Pasupathy; AIPRPA flag hoisted by All India Advisor Comrade KVS; and the NCCPA flag hoisted by the senior most leader of AIPRPA Tamilnadu Comrade Thanjai Sadasivam. The Martyrs Column with the photo of Comrade S.K.Vyas was given floral respect by the Chiarman Reception Committee to be followed by all senior leaders and Delegates and Visitors.

The Chairman Reception Committee delivered his special welcoming address combined with his punctuating speech on current developments that are attacking the interests of Pensioners. Comrades K.K.N.Kutty (NCCPA Secretary General) inaugurated the Conference. His elaborate speech traced the history and difference between the Pay Commissions that incorporated labour representative and those Pay Commissions like 7th CPC which do not have any labour representative member. He exposed the areas of distortion by the Pay Commission that deliberately reduced the quantum of need based minimum wage and the resultant low fitment factor. He stressed that the grant of fitment benefit to improve the question of parity of pension between the past and the present pensioners and recommendations for improving the medical treatment facilities of pensioners notwithstanding, the rejection of many issues of pensioners are also a point of disappointment. The decision of NCCPA to focus before the Government all the anomalies of pension fixation and the modifications required in the Report for appropriate modification was explained by him. He also called upon to strengthen NCCPA in such a manner the P&T movement strengthened the Confederation from the days of formation to build a common movement of CG Pensioners in the country.

Comrades A.G.Pasupathy (Patron); K.V.Sridharan (All India Advisor); D.Gopalakrishnan (CHQ Vice President AIBSNLPWA); C.K.Narasimhan (Circle Secretary AIBDPA); S.Ragupathy (Assitant Secretary General NFPE); J.Ramanurthy (CHQ President P3 NFPE); R.Chandraprakash (AIPRPA State Working President & former BPEF P3 CHQ President); N.Chinnasamy (State President Tamilnadu Electricity Board Pensioners Welfare Association); Y.Nagabhushanam (AIPRPA CHQ AGS); H.V.Kurup (AIPRPA CHQ OGS); V.Janakiraman (AIPRPA CHQ OGS); K.Shanmugha Sundar Raj (AIPRPA CHQ OGS); M.Sudhakaran (President Coimbatore CGPA) addressed the session.

Our Guest of Honour Smt.Manju P.Pillai the Postmaster General of Western Region Tamilnadu Circle attended our Conference and greeted. Her speech highlighted the importance of Pensioners Movement and assured her administration's help in genuine issues of pensioners. 

There was a memorable occasion in the Conference when the former Secretary General NFPTE and senior most leader of P&T movement Comrade D.Gnaniah was given a special honour by the Conference. Comrade D.Gnaniah who is on the verge of completing 95 years of age also delivered a special address to the conference with recollecting the entire history of P&T movement. Comrades AGP, Thanjai Sadasivam and K.Ragavendran General Secretary spoke before the speech of Comrade D.Gnaniah and remembered his great role in building the P&T Movement. 

Sri.Perur Natarajan former four-time M.L.A., of Perur constituency, in which area falls our State Conference venue, graced the Conference and was garlanded by the State President comrade M.Kannaiyan on behalf of the Reception Committee.

In the Subjects Committee after the tributes to all departed leaders and comrades, the Biennial Report was submitted by the State General Secretary Comrade K.Ragavendran. The Audited Accounts were submitted by the Treasurer Comrade S.Santhanaraman. There was a lively debate by the Delegates and Office Bearers of the State Association on the organizational review in general and the Pay Commission Report in particular that brought out many important points in the Pay Commission’s Report on which modifications are absolutely necessary as well as those areas of improvement made out by the 7th CPC. The debates pinpointed the need to expand our presence to all the districts of the state as well as to increase the membership in all weaker districts to emerge stronger. The Conference resolved to extend fullest cooperation to all struggles of Central Government Employees as well as the Postal Employees to modify the retrograde recommendations of Pay Commission by mobilizing our membership in all places of such struggle programmes.

The Biennial Report and the Audited Accounts were unanimously adopted by the House. Finally after the Presidential Speech by Comrade M.Kannaiyan, the summing up speech of the debate was made by the State General Secretary Comrade K.Ragavendran.

The Conference adopted Resolutions on many issues including problems of Pre-2006 Pensioners that still remain to be sorted out; Calculation of revised pension from 1.1.2006 by taking the quantum of Dearness Pension also to Pre-2006 Pensioners; Post 1.1.1996 Postman Pensioners issue; the need to modify the table of Matrix that was prepared with the command of “Round” into a command  of “Round up” to ensure rounding up of the amount to the next hundred; and on the question of Medical Needs of Pensioners.

The State Conference expressed deep sympathy towards all the people severely affected by the recent heavy rains and floods in Chennai City, Kancheepuram, Cuddalore and Tiruvallur, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli Districts. The effort of Erode AIPRPA that has collected donations from its members towards flood relief is appreciated by the Conference and the State Conference requested the District Associations to directly send such flood relief to appropriate places as they deem fit.

The State Conference nominated a Patron and an Advisor to the State Association as follows:
Patron: A.G.Pasupathy
Advisor: K.V.Sridharan

Thereafter the following Comrades were unanimously elected as the State Office Bearers for the ensuing term:
State President: M.Kannaiyan
State Working Presidents:
1.       P.Rajanayagam – Kanniyakumari
2.       Thanjai Sadasivam – Thanjavur
3.       K.Sivaraman – Chennai
4.       R.Chandraprakash – Chennai
5.       A.C.Dharanipathy – Chennai
6.       G.C.Narasimhulu – Ambathur
7.       R.Savithiri – Vellore
State Vice Presidents:
1.       D.Ramachandran – Chennai
2.       M.R.Meenakshisundaram – Chennai
3.       R.Muthu – Pondicherry
4.       D.Sivagurunathan – Chennai
5.       L.Purushothaman – Chennai
6.       P.Shanmugam – Chennai
7.       V.Venkatarangan – Chennai
8.       G.Rajamani – Chennai
9.       R.Masilamani – Chennai
10.   K.Sivaraman – Chennai (PSD)
11.   K.Rajendran – Coimbatore
12.   T.Subramanian – Coimbatore
13.   N.Devarajan – Tiruvannamalai
14.   V.Gnanasambandan – Chengalpattu
15.   R.Kanagavel – Salem
16.   S.Swaminathan – Mayiladuturai
17.   A.Dhakshinamurthy – Tiruchirappalli
18.   R.Murugesan – Erode
19.   I.Subramanian – Kancheepuram
20.   A.Mani – Kancheepuram
21.   G.Krishnan – Tirunelveli
22.   N.Radhakrishnan – Arni
23.   M.Chidambaram – Vellore
24.   N.B.S.Manian – Tiruvallur
25.   V.Nirmala – Chennai
State General Secretary: K.Ragavendran – Chennai
Assistant State General Secretaries:
1.       R.Natarajan – Pondicherry
2.       N.Selvan – Tiruchirappalli
3.       V.Rajaram – Dindigul
4.       K.Shanmugha Sundar Raj – Tirunelveli
5.       S.Appanraj - Chennai
6.       N.Shanmugam – Salem
7.       A.Murugan – Chennai
8.       T.Mani – Tiruchengode
9.       P.Sanku – Dharmapuri
10.   P.Subburaj – Kovilpatti
11.   S.Karunanidhi – Coimbatore
12.   P.Thiruvengadam – Vridhacahalam
13.   C.Sekar – Chennai
14.   P.Mani – Chennai
15.   N.Karuppusamy – Tirupur
16.   P.Murugan – Tiruvannamalai
17.   S.Veerannan – Kovilpatti
18.   C.Senjimani – Tirupathur
19.   K.Rajendran – Tiruchirappalli
20.   Nethaji Subash – Salem
21.   M.B.Sukumar – Chennai
22.   P.Natarajan – Palani
23.   S.Thiagarajan – Tirunelveli
State Treasurer: S.Santhanaraman – Vellore
Assistant State Treasurer: G.Kumar – Chennai
State Organising General secretaries:
1.       N.Ramasamy – Erode
2.       T.Nagappan – Udumalpet
3.       S.Durai – Chennai
4.       B.Ragunathan – Chennai
5.       N.Avudaiappan – Tenkasi
6.       A.Marudai – Dindigul
7.       P.Subramanian – Dharmapuri
8.       S.Govindarajan – Tiruchirappalli
9.       A.Chandran – Kancheepuram
10.   P.K.Rajaram – Salem
11.   R.Subramanian – Erode
12.   R.Asaithambi – Thanjavur

The State Conference also authorized the State Executive Committee to co-opt Office Bearers if necessary to accommodate representatives from such areas that are being concentrated for expansion of AIPRPA.

The Reception Committee got great appreciations from all in general and by the State Association in particular for making the Conference a memorable one to all participants. All the volunteers of Reception Committee were honoured by the leaders of the State and CHQ at the end of the Conference.

General Secretary

Entrance of Comrade Vyas Arangam 

Patron AGP hoisting National Flag

Flag Hoisting

Advisor KVS hoisting AIPRPA Flag

Thanjai Sadasivam hoisting NCCPA Flag

Chairm Reception Committee Com.P.R.Natarajan Ex-M.P paying tributes to Martyrs Column

A view of Delegates and Visitors in Conference inaugural session

S.Karunanidhi General Secretary Reception Committee

Chairman Reception Committee Com.PRN (Ex-Member of Parliament) welcome address

PMG Western Region Smt.Manju P.Pillai greeting the Conference

Senior most leader D.Gnaniah (Ex-SG NFPTE) gracing the Conference

Perur Ex-M.L.A., Sri.Natarajan gracing the Conference

AIBSNLPWA CHQ Vice President D.Gopalakrishnan greeting the conference

AIBDPA Circle Secretary C.K.Narasimhan greeting the Conference

Tamilnadu Electricity Board Pensioners Welfare Assn State President N.Chinnasamy

NCCPA SG KKN.Kutty inaugural address

M.Sudhakaran Coimbatore CGPA President

J.Ramamurthy P3 NFPE CHQ President

Patron AGP Addressing

AIPRPA CHQ OGS H.V.Kurup addressing 

S.Ragupathy (ASG NFPE) addressing

CHQ Advisor KVS Addressing

CHQ OGS V.Janakiraman greeting the conference

Doctor N.Easwaran with his poem on Social Security

R.Chandraprakash (Ex-BPEF P3 CHQ President) & Working President AIPRPA

K.Shanmugha Sundara Raj CHQ OGS addressing

Y.Naghabhushanam CHQ AGS addressing 
K.Jayalakshmi FNPO P3 Divisional Secretary greeting the Conference

K.Ragavendran State General Secretary AIPRPA TN summing up the debate in conference

State President AIPRPA honoured by Reception Committee

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