Tuesday 8 December 2015

Reaction of CG Employees and Pensioners set in motion!



Comrades / Friends, 

As planned the urgent meeting of some of the important Office Bearers of the NCCPA (National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations) is held at 3.00 P.M. today in JCM National Council Staff Side Office to discuss about the issues of Pensioners to be included in the memorandum by the Staff Side seeking modifications in the 7th Pay Commission Report.

Comrades S.S.Roy (Working President); KKN.Kutty (Secretary General); G.N.Joshi (Vice President); C.L.Mathur (Vice President); Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborti (Deputy Secretary General); K.Ragavendran (Deputy Secretary General); and H.L.Sidhu (Treasurer) attended the meeting. Due to abnormal delay by train many comrades reached late and Comrade Shiv Gopal Mishra (Chairman NCCPA) could also reach only very late due to late running of train. However, the meeting discussed and decided to place some important issues before the Staff Side for including in the memorandum. The NJCA meeting commenced after this around 5.30 P.M. to discuss all the issues to be taken up with the Government. The NJCA meeting is in session at present in which the leaders of AIRF, NFIR, AIDEF, INDEF, NFPE, FNPO, Audit, Income Tax and other JCM Organisations are present. 

The NJCA meeting will also discuss about our proposals for inclusion in the common memorndum to be given to Government seeking modifications in the Report of the Pay Commission. Any Organisational decisions taken by the NJCA regarding mobilisation of CG Employees will be reported later. 

The consenses arrived at in the meeting of the NCCPA regarding the pensioners issues to be taken up before the Government over the Pay Commission Report is that it will be a futile exercise to take up all the issues rejected by the Chairman of the Pay Commission. It was decided that only some of the very important issues with universal applicability and rejected by the Pay Commission without assigning any valid reason should be taken up. Accordingly the following Six items were decided to be given to the NJCA for inclusion:

1. Parity between the past and present pensioners to be brought about on the basis of the 7th CPC recommendations with the modification that basis of computation to be the pay level of the post or grade from which one retired;

2.Pension to be 60% of the last pay drawn in the case of all eligible persons who have completed the requisite number of years of service; (this change from 67% to 60% is based on the calculation of Doctor Aykroid formula which works out to be 60% only after retirement);

3. The Family Pension to be 50% of the last pay drawn;

4. Enhance the Pension and the Family Pension by 5% on completion of every five years of age after  retirement;

5. Commuted value of pension to be restored after 10 years or attaining the age of 70, whichever is earlier; Gratuity calculation to be on the basis of 25 days in the month as against 30 days as per the Gratuity Act; and

6. Fixed Medical Allowance for those pensioners not covered by CGHS to be Rs.2000/- per month. 

After the NJCA meeting it will be known what are the full charter of demands including the serving employees and the pensioners.

This is the preliminary information for the benefit of our members.

General Secretary


  1. Comrade K R, Thank u very much for arranging vital issues for timely discussion beforebefore NCCPA.Let us hope the Govt may consider one or two. Thanks.

  2. The proposals put forth are most reasonable.Thanks