Saturday, 26 December 2015

Some State Governments of this Day follow the Gujarat's Modi Government of yesterday!

Five State Governments Demand 

postponement of 

7th CPC Implementation!

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Today's Tamil Daily "DINA MALAR" reports that Five State Governments of Tamilnadu, Punjab, West Bengal, Odisha and Uttarpradesh have demanded not to implement 7th CPC recommendations from next month (1.1.2016) but postpone due to financial difficulties of these State Governments. The Government Officials said as the State Governments are normally to follow Central Pay Commissions the implementation by Central Govt will cause serious burden to them!

It is not clear as to whether these States demand postponement of implementation only or postponement of very date of effect itself? Whatever be the demand it is atrocious. People know these States are squandering money on freebies to earn votes but oppose to employees of State getting equal rise on par with CG employees. As correctly replied by Justice Mathur (on this occasion) many States are yet to implement 6th CPC scales! What right they have to oppose CG employees wage revision?

These State Governments have never complained at any point of time whenever the Central Government had granted several lakhs of crores to Corporates! Rather these State Governments might have offered equal if not more concessions to Corporates in order to woo them to their States! But why should they object to revision of wages to CG Employees?

Actually the CG employees are recommended much below their due and a struggle is brewing among them. The opposition deceives people as though much is being spent on CG employees! The States are free to fight for more financial powers and allocation from Centre! But the present approach is negative!

Aiprpa Chq strongly condemns the attitude and approach of these five State Governments. 

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