Wednesday 23 December 2015

Justice Mathur and FM Arun Jaitley are playing with the sleeping Tiger!


The long awaited release of the Monthly Journal of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is just round the corner. The first issue of the 'Pensioners Post' - the new monthly organ of AIPRPA to espouse the cause of the Postal & RMS Pensioners in particular but the cause of all Pensioners in general - has gone to the Press after completion of the full layout today. The Journal will be despatched on 30th December, 2015 to all subscribers. 

An attempt has been made to analyze the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission in the first issue. Rather it can be said that the first issue is a Pay Commission Special Issue. The organ will maintain an approach of close cooperation between the service associations and Federations of employees and Pensioners. The Organ will try to fill the gap that exists in exposing the neo-liberal attacks on the Pension and Social Security at the universal level. The exclusive problems of Postal & RMS Pensioners will receive high attention of the journal. The common problems of CG Pensioners as well as the Pensioners Community as a whole will be highlighted and the action taken by the AIPRPA and NCCPA to mitigate those problems will also get full coverage. 

The Readers and Members of AIPRPA can have an interaction with the Pensioners Post through a section in the journal called "Pensioners Mirror". Here they can raise their concerns and questions and opinions and get the response of the Editor also. 

There shall be a section "Around the States" which will bring about the programmes and news about the States and District and Divisional Branches of AIPRPA. Ofcourse it is necessary to all Districts to pass on the news of their activities and photos to us in our new E-Mail "" 

All regular sections like the Orders of the Government; SCOVA Meetings; Correspondences of CHQ and NCCPA to various Governmental Departments etc also will be there definitely. 

We attempt to bring about the journal with a difference! An attempt to bring the issue with 'Form' and 'Content' in an improved manner.

The journal is now here! It is for you to take it and adapt it as your organ nearer to your heart! We are confident that all our members as well as other comrades and friends will extend maximum cooperation to the journal to succeed! 

Editor and General Secretary AIPRPA

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