Wednesday 29 June 2016

Dragging time to reject modifications by government!

CRUX of News Conference by FM Arun Jaitley! 

Minimum Basic Pay: 18000
Figment factor: 2.57 for pay and pension
Annual increment: 3%
Date of increment: 1st Jan & 1st July
23.6% hike for joint secretary & Director level officers.
14.27% hike for lower employees.
Allowances: Secretaries Committee will further discuss - presently all allowances continue as they are.
No deduction for insurance as recommended
Civil military parity issues will be decided later - This means no immediate decision on Option 1 of refixation of pension to all pre-2016 pensioners recommended by CPC.
DOPT & other Ministries to be asked to decide non-pay, pension issues.
All administrative side recommendations will be reviewed by respective departments and decided.
Committee will look into NPS
Pay hike will generate more demand : FM
Govt salaries now bigger than private sector: FM
Arrears payment this year itself
CHQ comments:
1. Modifications in minimum wage and fitment factor sought are rejected.
2. Allowances are time being allowed; but the Damocles of Sword will be hanging on the heads of employees. This also means no doubling of allowances normally done by CPC this time. Good tactics; make the employees fight to retain the existing allowances so that no need to enhance them!
3. Insurance recovery not accepted is a big relief indeed.
4. Date of increment on 1st January and 1st July is definitely an improvement.
5. Option number 1 for refixation of pension stands referred to Committee & DOPT/Other Ministries. So only 2.57 figment factor to all pre-2016 pensioners.

Totally, much dissatisfactory! What about the leakage of news about basic pay enhancement to 23500 made by ECoS as reported by media? Whether the reports are false or Cabinet overruled ECoS decisions? Finance Minister appeared to swallow something while started to say about ECoS decisions! What is the actual happening?
Comrades! There appears no alternative to strike! Or else the meagre wage increase, lowest in 69 years will come to stay for another 10 more years!
The decision of NJCA likely to be flashed at any time. Let there be a total strike to call the bluff of Government a bluf!

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