Thursday 2 June 2016

Show Down Inevitable Due to Attitude of ECoS

* 27-3-11

27* and 3* and 11* have inter connectivity as far as the 7th CPC issues are concerned. Yes the Cabinet Secretary had granted an informal interview to the NJCA leaders on 27th May, 2016 and hinted that there shall not be any change of Fitment Factor from the recommended 2.57 even though there may be a slight enhancement of basic pay of MTS from the 18,000 recommended! He also stated that the Empowered Committee of Secretaries is not likely to agree for the first option recommended by the 7th CPC for Refixation of pension (notional addition of equal number of increments earned before retirement in the pre-revised scale in the replacement scale) on the grounds of objections from the Defense Ministry and Pension Ministry. The Cabinet Secretary also told that more and more Committees for Allowances, HRA, NPS etc may be formed to delay much more time! The stand of the ECoS is most disappointing.

3rd June is the meeting of NJCA. It has to take into account all the developments and go ahead with the earlier decision of show down with the Government on an indefinite strike from 11th July, 2016. There is no option but to go for industrial action on the face of utter disregard to the genuine modifications sought by the Staff Side.

11th June is the reported final sitting of the Empowered Committee of Secretaries. This meeting may give its final nod to the distorted recommendations of the Pay Commission without much change. 
This is the connection between 27 – 3 – 11!

There is one more connection to 11th July, the date decided for commencement of strike by the entirety of CG Employees. yes it is on this same date in the year 1960, the historic strike by CG Employees including Railways shook the country in protest against the retrograde recommendations of 2nd CPC!

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