Thursday 30 June 2016

Unity of Pensioners & Employees on the path of Struggle for Justice!

Now No Turning Back!
March Ahead Strike around the corner!

NJCA meeting today at 4.00 P.M in New Delhi has resolved to go ahead to launch the declared indefinite strike from 11th July, 2016. Now there is no turning back; No more harbouring of doubts as to whether there would be strike or not; No more rumours about 23,500 and 2.7 Fitment  factors! All roads lead to 11th July strike! Remember this date has its own history and tradition; it was on this 11th July 1960 the great indefinite strike of 1960 commenced! It was against the retrograde recommendations of 2nd CPC; Now it is against retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC! In 1960 it was Jawaharlal Nehru Government which tried to ridicule the strike by saying "CG employees are holding the tiger's tail"; Nehru Government was much more stronger than the present Modi Government! Now Modi government is trying to ridicule the CG movement by constituting a ECoS to eat six months time and now declares 7th CPC recommendations on depressed minimum basic pay and fitment factor cannot be changed! It is a challenge to the united CG movement! NJCA has taken the challenge head long! AIPRPA red salutes NJCA for its historic decision. Now no more turning back; Comrades! March Ahead with determination! Victory embraces the bold! -
AIPRPA calls upon all Postal & RMS Pensioners to resort to all supportive and solidarity actions to striking CG employees! Remember NCCPA also called upon to show total solidarity in addition to fight for Pensioners issues!

AIPRPA calls upon its rank and file leaders and members to be ready for even courting arrest if Modi Government resorts to suporess the strike by iron hand!


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