Thursday 8 October 2020

Babu Tarapada the Father of Postal & RMS TU Movement!

 Centenary of Father of Postal RMS TU movement Comrade Tarapada Mukherjee's Presidential Speech in Lahore Conference!

Befittingly hold celebrations throughout the year! 

Babu Tarapada Mukherjee is the father of our Postal RMS Trade Union movement. Graduated in B.A., in 1891 shows his material!  He presided the 2nd AlC of All India Postal & RMS Union at Lahore (now in Pakistan) on 9-10-11 October 1921! It is now completion of 100 years on 9th October 2020 since his famous exhorted presidential address in Lahore AIC, very popular in the history. 

His presidential speech 100 years back had categorically stated  "workers are not beggars; they are the salt of the earth, they are the only people who produce wealth"! What an insight?

He pointed out "what this world would be, were the workers to stop work"?

None of us can forget his punctuation during his speech that exhorted "Take it from me, Brothers, that petitions and memorials and supplications, will count for nothing so long as you do not organise yourselves in a manner to convince the government that you will no longer stand non-sense"! What a genuine fact even today? 

NFPE the dominant Federation of Postal Employees has called to observe the celebration of this centenary throughout the year from 9th October 2020 to 9th October 2021!

A befitting memory to the Father of our movement!

AIPRPA joins the historic celebration and calls upon the entirety of pensioners community to remember and befittingly celebrate the towering leader's unforgettable speech that punished him with supreme punishment by the British Rulers at that time! Born in a poor family and grown as a knowledgeable youth and served the working class with committed policy symbolizes as to how we should live and lead our life! 

Long live Babu Tarapada's name!

Long live the historic speech to inspire all of us and make us courageous to stand up upright against the wrong policies of Government and Bureaucracy!  


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