Saturday 3 October 2020

CMC Meeting on Sunday on 11th October 2020


Next AIPRPA CMC Meeting on 11.10.2020 Sunday at 11.00 A.M

Dear Comrades!

The next Central Managing Committee of AIPRPA CHQ will meet at 11.00 A.M under the presidentship of  CHQ President Comrade D.K.Rahate on 11.10.2020 to transact the under mentioned agenda:

1.      1. Review of implementation of decisions taken in last CMC Meeting held on 13.09.2020.

2.     2.  Review of implementation of TUI Call on 01.10.2020.

3.      3. All India Programme of AIPRPA on sectional issues during October.

4.      4. Organising a WEBINAR on 17.12.2020 by CHQ.

5.      5. Improving the Finances.

6.      6. Pensioners Post.

7.      7. Any other item with the permission of Chair.

The CHQ Advisors and all CHQ Office Bearers and State General Secretaries are requested to attend without fail. We request that the absentees in the last meeting will overcome their difficulties and join the online CMC Meeting this time. The General Secretary will circulate a work report covering all the agenda items to CMC Members by email to facilitate a fruitful discussion in the meeting.

Date: 04.10.2020         


General Secretary

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