Sunday 11 October 2020

CMC meets on 11.10.2020!

 AIPRPA CMC Meeting Held

The Central Managing Committee of AIPRPA CHQ is held today online for two hours. Comrade D.K.Rahate CHQ President presided. After condolence and General Secretary’s initial report on the circulated work report by the CHQ covering the full agenda, the participating State General Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers took part in the discussion. Comrade M.Krishnan Executive Member and Ex-SG Confederation gave valuable suggestions. Due to technical issues some comrades could not speak but by and large all State General Secretaries except Andhra (technical issues) could participate in the discussion. The following important decisions taken:

1. The CMC decided to extend total solidarity to the Indian Workers industrial action on 26th November 2020 organized by the Central TUs and independent Federations and Unions including the Confederation of CG Employees. On that day solidarity demonstrations will be organized in front of selected major Post Office and RMS Office in each division by observing all COVID safety protocol.

2. The CMC remembered the historic centenary of exhorted speech of Father of Postal TU Movement comrade Babu Tarapada Mukherjee and decided to befittingly celebrate the occasion in an appropriate way after normalcy restored.

3. The CMC reviewed the implementation of TUI Pensioners and Retirees call of World Elderly Day on 1st October and congratulated all who have organized the programme braving the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizational weaknesses existed in those States where we could not organize the programme also was noted.

4. The COVID-19 restrictions and the fear expressed by some States were taken into account for organizing an exclusive programme on three important Postal & RMS Pensioners pending issues. It is decided that wherever feasible, there will be a demonstration programme in front of HPOs and Divisional Offices in all Divisions by AIPRPA on 29.10.2020 (Thursday) either in the morning or evening for one hour. The Programme will be intimated to the Directorate by email by the CHQ. In Capital Cities of States, the programme may be organized in front of the DPA office or CPMG office by the headquarters association and the State Association. The demands and the programme poster or banner will be designed by the CHQ and supplied through social media, which can be used by all to exhibit while holding the programmes. All are reminded of the risk and requested to adhere to social distancing and face masking norms scrupulously as it was noticed that in some places these norms were not properly adhered to during the earlier programmes. Those Districts / Divisions where organizing a programme is felt not feasible, will organize house protests wherein our pensioners will hold placards to highlight the three demands.

5. The WEBINAR of CHQ will be organized on 17.12.2020 for two hours 4 to 6 P.M in which Comrades K.Ragavendran GS and M.Krishnan Ex-SG Confederation will present special speeches and there will be a Question and Answer session at the end. The CHQ President Comrade D.K.Rahate will initiate and Tamilnadu State GS Comrade P.Mohan will deliver vote of thanks. All our platforms of social media like Face Book and Whatsapp etc will be fully used by us and by all individual members so that the WEBINAR message is propagated to all and the programme will be totally successful with huge number of Pensioners attend. We will give maximum publicity to the WEBINAR to make it participative by hundreds of pensioners online.

6. The last meeting decided that all State GS will send email to CHQ replying the Questionnaire on “Organization” circulated earlier. Reports are received from only the five States of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Assam, Andhra and Jharkhand. We are yet to receive emails from the State General Secretaries of Telangana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Therefore this CMC has decided that all these States will send emails to CHQ by answering the questionnaire. The CHQ consolidate all reports and a comprehensive summary will be circulated by email to all CHQ office bearers and State General Secretaries by email.

7. The CMC noted that the quota remittances are being improved by the Districts and Divisions after our call for improving the financial position. In this background it is urged that all the remaining Districts / Divisions who are yet to remit the quota for the current FY 2019-20 shall remit the quota immediately.

8. Taking the financial condition of CHQ and Pensioners Post, and the COVID-19 situation that prevents us from normal methods of fund raising, the CMC decided to appeal for general donations from willing members so that the contribution can be divided between the CHQ and the Journal equally and the financial crisis is overcome. The contributions can be directly deposited in the CHQ POSB Account and intimation given to General Secretary in whatsapp (9444919295) and in email ( so that the money deposited in the accounts can be apportioned equally between the CHQ and Journal.

9. As decided in the last meeting of CMC, a responsible Adhoc State Convenor will be nominated by the CHQ in consultation with the appropriate comrades in those States. These Adhoc conveners will function to form full-fledged State body of AIPRPA after the normalcy. In the meantime he or she will strive to identify suitable comrade to head the District / Divisional unit of AIPRPA and appoint him or her as the Adhoc Convenor of that particular District / Division. Similarly the existing State General Secretaries are once again reminded to appoint suitable Adhoc Convenors for those Districts / Divisions where we have no AIPRPA unit still.'

10. The advice of comrade T.P.Mishra State GS communicating the desire of the Uttar Pradesh State AIPRPA to nominate Comrade Virendra Tewary retired GS All India SBCO Employees Association from Lucknow as the State GS of Uttar Pradesh in his place is approved by the CHQ CMC Meeting. Comrade Virendra Tewary will function as the State GS of Uttar Pradesh State AIPRPA until the next State Conference to be held after normalcy from corona.

11. The requests of retired Postman Comrades from Punjab is accepted by the CHQ CMC provided they convert their body into AIPRPA and admit all retired postal employees as members. CHQ will speak to Comrade Surinderpal the State GS AIPRPA who could not be active due to unavoidable domestic issues and ensure an efficient functioning in Punjab with these comrades at the important positions of Punjab State Association.

12. As far Rajasthan and Karnataka are concerned taking the reality that the existing CGPA in Jaipur and the Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association in Bangaluru are functioning in the headquarters, we will find out suitable comrades from rural centres to head the AIPRPA and build in these two states.

13. The Nagaland and Tripura State Associations of AIPRPA will be reconstituted by the CHQ with the help of RCC of AIPRPA. A separate State Association for Arunachal Pradesh will also be constituted after the normalcy.

14. The decision to form State level Whatsapp groups by State Associations and all Secretaries of Districts / Divisions to form district or divisional level whatsapp groups within a short time so that no communication gap exists between us and our members. While doing so please remember to include the CHQ General Secretary as an Admn Member in State level whatsapp groups and State General Secretaries as an Admn Member of the District / Divisional level groups.

15. On all issues of Pensioners expressed by CMC Members, the CHQ will address the Government suitably.



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