Saturday 3 October 2020

CHQ Organizes a WEBINAR on 17.12.2020

World Pensioners Day and Indian Pensioners Day!
We will observe both!
Get Ready for CHQ sponsored WEBINAR on 17.12.2020!

As part of TUI (P&R) and with our responsibility to highlight the rights of pensioners and retirees all over the world, we have observed 1.10.2020. Congratulations to all brave warriors for implementation of the TUI call despite corona pandemic threat.
Indian Pensioners Day is celebrated every year on 17th December to commemorate Comrade D.S.Nakara, who fought to get a milestone judgment in Supreme Court and a concept that pensioners cannot be separated into sections based on artificial dates.
This year "Indian Pensioners Day" on 17.12.2020 will be celebrated by all of us as usual.
To make the day a memorable one, the AIPRPA CHQ proposes to organize a "WEBINAR" for two hours from 4 P.M to 6 P.M on that day. There will be only two presentations. CHQ President will preside and Comrades K.Ragavendran GS AIPRPA and M.Krishnan Ex-SG Confederation will present the speeches. Tamilnadu State GS comrade P.Mohan will deliver vote of thanks.
Topics of presentation will be pensioner related and published later.
Get ready for our WEBINAR!
All States and Districts will conclude their own pensioners day programmes during day time in forenoon to participate in our WEBINAR in time from your drawing rooms.
Please wait for DETAILS!

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