Sunday 22 September 2019

All States - Districts / Divisions of AIPRPA kindly act!

2nd Phase Programme of meeting the Members of Parliament is on! 

Make the Programme really effective by submitting copy of our memorandum to Prime Minister before 30.09.2019!

Dear comrades! There is only 8 days left for the programme. Our AIPRPA delegation at State and Divisional level have to meet their respective area Parliament Members to submit the copy of our memorandum to Prime Minister. Request them to raise these issues in the appropriate manner in Parliament/Government. Act swiftly and complete the task. Please don't forget to send the photo to Pensioners Post immediately.

Please send your short report to CHQ about 1st and 2nd phase of Programme and about preparations on for 3rd phase of half day Dharna on 15.10.2019!

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