Saturday, 14 September 2019

CHQ requests only 20 Delegates will go to Jaipur AIC!

CHQ requests only Delegates to come to Jaipur NCCPA AIC!

NCCPA CHQ has allotted 20 delegates to AIPRPA to attend 4th AIC at Jaipur from 1-2 November. The Reception Committee could make arrangements of stay only for delegates in the venue. Earlier, we have encouraged visitors, but due to the above constraint we have to avoid visitors. We tried to find any alternate accommodation on our own near by venue through CHQ Vice President comrade B.M.Sunda at Jaipur. Unfortunately there is no nearby convenient accommodation including lodges. It will be harsh on visitors coming to Jaipur as they have to make their own arrangements for stay.

Therefore, we once again request that only Delegates should go to Jaipur from AIPRPA. Fortunately the number of Delegates is increased from 10 to 20 and therefore the CHQ could include more State GS / CHQ Office bearers after getting their consent. Totally, only 20 delegates will go to Jaipur from.AIPRPA besides the ex-officio delegates, who are Office bearers of NCCPA including the GS AIPRPA.

Many comrades have actually desired and even some have booked their tickets. But on behalf of CHQ, I regret extremely for not able to entertain any visitors. Kindly bear with us and cancel if any train tickets have been booked! We assure all that we will take care of any number of visitors during our AIPRPA CHQ AIC next year at Trivandrum. - KR GS AIPRA

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